PHB Ethical Beauty Mineral Powder Foundation

I got some of the PHB Mineral Foundation in Medium Olive* as part of my ‘face of natural make up’ for my LoveLula* video (I got it with credit I was rewarded but am reviewing it as if I purchased it myself). You can see the video at: or see it embedded in my earlier blog post (which links to each of the products).

I don’t wear foundation often and when I do it’s usually liquid foundation, but I used to be a fan of pressed powder foundation as it seems to work well on my skin (I have even been complimented when wearing it!). In recent years I’ve been using BB/CC creams and liquid foundation but having heard so many positive reviews of mineral foundation I thought I’d give it a go. I did get a tester for the Lily Lolo mineral foundations but didn’t like the finish of them.

One of the biggest problems I find with foundation is getting the right shade. I have pale skin but with yellow undertones and it’s not so easy to find things to match my skin tone. Having read the descriptions of the PHB colours, I decided to go for medium olive which is “A light-medium shade with neutral olive undertones for light to medium skin tones”. I was delighted to learn they had mini sized versions available so I got a small 1.5g pot to try out. (As an aside, I really wish more brands and products did smaller versions to buy – I’m always wary of spending a lot of money on something that might not suit me!).


PHB Ethical Beauty Mineral Powder Foundation (Medium Olive)
PHB Ethical Beauty Mineral Powder Foundation (Medium Olive)

The PHB Mineral Foundation is 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, and contains no parabens, palm oil, or GM ingredients. It has SPF 30. PHB are a family business who give 20% of profits to charity. All good stuff so far! It claims to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone skin. So what’s the foundation like? I love it! Let’s take each claim in turn:

Long lasting foundation
I haven’t done a proper test of this as I don’t tend to wear make up for long. I have worn this for a full day though, and I do notice it starts to wear off towards the end of the day. It definitely helps to keep skin texture and finish better than without foundation, but the coverage does start to fade and shine starts to show.

Buildable coverage
Yes, I tend to need a little more coverage around the centre of my face (under eyes, around nose) so I use more around here and it builds well. It still looks natural and doesn’t ‘cake’ but definitely adds more coverage as you add more product.

Light, silky texture
Yes. I’ve been surprised by the texture of this as it really does feel smooth on the skin. I think with it being a loose powder for some reason I imagined it sitting on top of the skin more than a liquid or pressed product but it blends beautifully and feels lovely.

Natural looking flawless finish
Absolutely! This is the biggest selling point for me. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing a lot of make up but it helps to balance out any uneven skin tone and helps to cover blemishes. I’d say it was a light-medium coverage product (depending how much you apply) so you can still see imperfections but it tones everything down and gives a lovely finish. It’s more mattifying then dewy in finish, but allows natural glow to show through.

In summary

I love it! I’m really happy with this and think I’m a mineral foundation convert. It doesn’t feel at all heavy and much more natural in feel and look to some liquid foundations. It can be a bit of a faff to dispense and apply (especially when travelling), but it’s well worth it for the finish.


I strongly suspect the full sized kit with the kabuki brush* will be making its way into my next LoveLula order.

Purchase details

PHB Mineral Foundation* (this link takes you to all foundations where you can find different shades and sizes) is available from LoveLula* You can purchase as a kit with a kabuki brush, full size on its own, or in a mini size.

*Affiliate link: I may receive a small commission if you purchase via this link.