RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Magnetic

I got some of the RMS Beauty Eye Polish* as part of my ‘face of natural make up’ for my LoveLula* video (I got it with credit I was rewarded but am reviewing it as if I purchased it myself). You can see the video at https://youtu.be/OSAWjVOnXxw or see it embedded in my earlier blog post (which links to each of the products).

I don’t wear eye shadow often but do like to wear eyeshadow sometimes and especially when I’m doing a full face of make up (like for the video). I have been looking for a more natural alternative for my favourite By Terry Misty Rock (which is pretty much the only eye shadow I’ve worn for about 18 months!) and spotted the Magnetic shade of the RMS Eye Polish which seems to fit the bill.

RMS Beauty Eye Polish (Magnetic)
RMS Beauty Eye Polish (Magnetic)

It’s described as, “taupe/silver shadow with a hint of mauve”. I’d say that’s an accurate description, it’s a fairly neutral shade with hints of purple and silver which add a subtle shimmer.

RMS Beauty Eye Polish (Magnetic)
RMS Beauty Eye Polish (Magnetic)

It’s quite a thick cream eyeshadow and doesn’t have a lot of payoff with a small amount of product so it takes quite a bit of work to apply, but it blends well. It’s a lovely shade and definitely something you can wear on its own which is still interesting (I can rarely be bothered to apply multiple shades!).

It lasts fairly well, though I did find that it creased on me. I have fairly oily eyelids and hooded eyes so I find most eye shadows crease, I just need to find a good primer (let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations!).

In summary

A nice shade and very versatile. Takes a while to apply so probably one for when you’re making a bit more effort rather than an every day item (I tend to find powder easier for a quick swipe of colour!).


I don’t wear eyeshadow often enough to justify having many and this is versatile enough to be honest. I would be intrigued by a lighter shade, perhaps Solar. If I can sort out a primer I could see me using this eyeshadow more and would likely repurchase once used up (though that would take a while!).

Purchase details

RMS Beauty Eye Polish* is available in a variety of shades from LoveLula* for £26.00.

*Affiliate link: I may receive a small commission if you purchase via this link.