Brand review – Balm Balm

After such a positive experience with a couple of Balm Balm skincare items from the LoveLula Beauty Box* I decided to try a few more from the brand and purchased one of the Balm Balm Starter Kits*.

I love these sample kits and wish more brands did them so you could try a few of their products at once for a few days to give it a good test. As LoveLula currently have an amazing 40% off Balm Balm deal on (simply add any Balm Balm* items to your basket and use the code BB40), I thought now would be a good time to review the items from the brand that I have tried and let you know what my picks would be.

Balm Balm Beauty Balm
Balm Balm Beauty Balm

Balm Balm Beauty Balm* (60ml plus muslin cloth, £16.50)

This has to come first because it’s my favourite item from the brand. I use it almost every night (unless I’m testing another product!) and for my skin it’s the perfect night cleanser. It’s an unusual texture in that it is a balm but it does have some solid grainy bits in it (though they melt when you massage it in). Because of this, the experience is really enjoyable. I like taking time to properly massage it into my skin each night. It’s incredibly gentle yet so effective at removing make up, even mascara. I have sensitive eyes (I’ve tried some make up removers that others have found very gentle but I’ve found they sting my eyes) yet with this I can really rub it into my eyes to remove all traces of make up and it won’t sting or irritate my contact lenses at all. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and nourished and not at all dry. You only need a small amount so even though I’ve been using it almost every night for over two months I still have about half left. I really can’t recommend it highly enough!

Balm Balm Chamomile Hydrosol
Balm Balm Chamomile Floral Water Hydrosol

Balm Balm Chamomile Floral Water Hydrosol* (30ml, £8.50)

I’ve recently used the chamomile one of these after having received it in a beauty box. I have to be honest, I really didn’t like the smell at first but I have got used to it and I like the addition of a spray toner which makes it so much easier to apply (and far less wastage from cotton pads!). I use this morning and night after cleansing and before serum. It seems to help soothe my skin and definitely helps application of the serum and moisturiser. This also comes in a larger size which works out better value (£12.50 for 100ml*), but I like the smaller ones to give the product a good test before committing to a full size – it’s also much easier for travel too.

Balm Balm Super Light Coconut Cleanser* (100ml, £14.50)

The first item I tried from the sample kit was the light coconut cleanser. It’s an oil cleanser which is very light and easy to apply. As with the Beauty Balm, I found it very effective whilst still being gentle. It’s a nice subtle scent; nothing too overpowering. I personally prefer the experience of the beauty balm as it’s thicker and I find more nourishing but I imagine if you don’t have dry or dehydrated skin this may be better for you.

Balm Balm Rosehip Serum* (10ml, £8.00)

This is something that I’ve had before (I think it was in a beauty box last year) and enjoyed using, especially at night. It’s more of an oil than a serum, and you only need a tiny amount. It’s very hydrating without being too oily so although I tended to use this at night you could use it in the morning too. I’ve been using the little sample when travelling or for an additional boost in my night time skincare routine.

Balm Balm Rose Floral Water Hydrosol* (30ml, £7.50)

This is a similar product to the chamomile hydrosol, but I much prefer the scent of this one and it seems more calming. It actually says on the bottle that rose is reputed to, “help you to love yourself and to dispel anger”. How great is that?! You can use this during the day for a boost, but I tend to just use them in my skincare routine. I really liked the sample of this in the kit and I’ve bought the travel sized one to replace my chamomile one.

Balm Balm Chamomile Hydrosol
Balm Balm Chamomile Hydrosol

Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask* (40g, £9.50)

This is the one item I’ve tried that I’m not sure about. I struggle with powder face masks anyway (I think they’re a great idea but I always seems to add too much water!). I took this with me when I was away and treated myself to a pamper evening. The mask was very grainy and didn’t seem to combine as a mask, it was more like a face scrub. It did dry though, but I left mine on for longer than the instructions recommend (I tend to have a habit of doing this!). When I removed it the scrub particles added an element of exfoliation and made my skin lovely and soft and seemed to draw out impurities (I had a small spot the next day!) so I can see how it would help clear skin up. It’s not my favourite type of mask so I probably wouldn’t purchase this again myself but if you’re OK with the powder format the effects are impressive so it’s definitely worth a go.

Balm Balm Organic Muslin Cloth* (£8.50 for a pack of 3)

It may seem an unusual thing to feature in a blog post, but I really like the Balm Balm muslin cloths. They’re double layered which I find really helps in terms of exfoliation. I don’t use muslin cloths every day as I actually find them a little too harsh to use regularly (I use one of the Make Up Eraser towels instead at the moment), but when I do use a muslin cloth I really like these ones. They’re especially good when you’re removing make up or doing a deep cleanse or face mask.


I really love Balm Balm (can you tell?!). Everything I’ve tried has been so gentle yet so effective. For me it really encapsulates what natural beauty is about – making the most of the fantastic natural ingredients available and letting them shine by using them in ways which showcase their properties. My skin has been really appreciating the products I’ve used and I’d definitely recommend the brand for anyone looking for affordable, simple skincare or an introduction to natural beauty.


At the moment  LoveLula* have 40% off all Balm Balm items which is an amazing offer – just add them to your basket and add the code BB40. If you’re reading this after November 16th you’ve unfortunately missed the 40% off voucher but there are a couple of other money saving opportunities.

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What a lot of offers! Hope this post is useful in helping you decide what might be suitable for yourself or as a gift. The starter kits* and crackers* are a perfect Christmas gift idea!