Joik Advent Calendar 2017 – Day 1

Today is the first day of my Joik advent calendar 2017* (there are still some left and if you get it today you’ll still be able to get the Black Friday 15% off deal). I wrote an overview review of the calendar in a previous post. The item I got today is Cleansing Facial Foam with cucumber & watercress extracts & aloe juice (50ml).

Many years ago I used a cleansing foam but I found it dried my skin so I was intrigued to give this one a go. It claims to be ‘gentle and soft’ and to ‘gently but effectively remove make-up and impurities’. It’s recommended for both morning and night. I stayed up past midnight last night so decided to open my calendar a little early (OK, so I may have already known what was in window 1!). This gave me a chance to use it last night and this morning. Initially I thought Joik were emphasising the whole ‘gentle’ point a bit too much but having used it twice I can totally see why. It is very soothing and not at all drying, and I used it on my eyes (which can be very sensitive) and didn’t have any issues at all. If you have sensitive skin I think this would be a fantastic cleanser for you. It foams up really well and feels quite a luxurious product to massage in to the skin. I can’t comment on how well it removes make-up as I wasn’t wearing any yesterday, but based on the fact it was so gentle I wouldn’t have any concerns using this to rub off mascara. The scent is fairly subtle and it’s mostly the cucumber I can smell – it’s a very fresh scent. I’ll be continuing to use this for the next few days to see how I get on with it; so far I’m impressed so an excellent start to the calendar!

The full size Cleansing Facial Foam with cucumber & watercress extracts & aloe juice (150ml)* is available from LoveLula* for £15.00.

The Joik advent calendar was purchased by myself though was partially funded by credit as part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme. Links marked with * are affiliate links.