Joik Beauty Advent Calendar 2017 – Day 23

It’s day 23 of my Joik advent calendar 2017* (currently on sale if you fancy getting one!) and today I got a Joik Raspberry Bon Bon Body Butter (50ml).

I was pleased to see this scent in the box again as I’ve really been enjoying the raspberry bon bon shower oil from day 3. As you can see from the photo, this is a really thick body butter. It’s lovely and moisturising and the scent sticks around which is a bonus as it smells amazing! I’m just not a fan of body butters as I find them a faff to apply and I don’t tend to allocate time to moisturising my body after a shower (I should, I know!). For this reason I won’t be using this, but I might look out for a body oil in this scent as that might be a quicker and easier product for me to incorporate into my routine.

The Joik Raspberry Bon Bon Body Butter is an exclusive for the advent calendar I think so isn’t available to buy. If you like the idea of this sort of scent you might be interested in the Joik Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion with Sweet Almond Oil (150ml)* which is available for £11.50 from LoveLula*.

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve since passed the body butter to my Mum who has reviewed it. She says:

This product is easily applied, I had expected such a rich cream to require more attention to ensure absorption but found it to be surprisingly light and it absorbed well. It leaves the skin feeling soft, moisturised and in top condition. However I find the lingering scent much too sweet for my taste. It no longer smells of raspberries and is not to my liking but would be well suited to anyone who wishes to hit near bystanders with the overwhelming aroma of sickly cupcakes.

I’m thinking I might have to have it back as I tend to like those sort of sweet bakery scents!

The Joik advent calendar was purchased by myself though partially funded by credit as part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme. Links marked with * are affiliate links. 

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