Joik Advent Calendar – full review

So, all the items from the Joik Advent Calendar 2017 have been revealed, tested and reviewed – you can view all the posts from

I thought it might be useful to write a full review now I’ve had chance to test everything out and think about the value of the calendar as a whole. So, what do I think?

Favourite items

The standout discovery for me is the Joik Silky Facial Serum* which I reviewed on Day 9. I loved it as soon as I used it and I think I love it even more now! I’ve been using it almost every morning and night since I got it and it is really helping keep my skin nourished and smooth. I will definitely be treating myself to a full-sized one in my next LoveLula* order.

My second favourite new discovery is the Joik Silky Lip Balm in Velvet Red* which I got in Day 20. I don’t like to wear anything too bold on my lips and this gives just the right sort of coverage for me. It’s easy to apply and you can tell you’re wearing something but it’s not too obvious and it therefore wears well. It’s a deep red shade but it’s not too pigmented; it’s perfect for the sort of colours I like to wear at this time of year.

I’ve enjoyed the Raspberry Bon Bon Shower Oil* I got in Day 3 which I didn’t really get at first (and to be honest am still a little disappointed by in terms of scent longevity). I do enjoy massaging the oil though and it leaves my skin feeling lovely and nourished so I’m interested in trying more shower oils in future.

It’s not a new one for me but the Joik Exfoliating Facial Scrub* from Day 13 was a great inclusion for the calendar I think. It’s such a lovely product and showcases the brand well. I know others who had the advent calendar but haven’t tried the scrub before have been really impressed with this (and rightly so – it’s fab!).

I also love the scented sachet from Day 8 which is helping keep our bedroom smelling nice (even with a cat litter tray in there!). I know some people didn’t like getting this item in a beauty advent calendar but I think it’s a lovely addition.

Value for money

This is such a tricky one. The advent calendar cost £107 so it’s not an insignificant amount of money. In terms of the actual value of the items it does exceed this amount, however in my experience there are likely to be quite a few products you perhaps wouldn’t choose (it will be different for everyone I imagine). For me, I’ve chosen to keep 9 items and will be passing the others onto family/friends. It has been good to try different types of products but I do feel like the sizes are very generous for some items – great if you love them; not so much if you don’t. I’d rather have smaller samples for a lower cost, perhaps with an option to get a discounted (or free) full-sized item after trying them.

Would I buy it again?

I’m really not sure I would to be honest. In the past I’ve only had advent calendars that have featured a number of different brands and I do think I prefer those. You get to try so many different brands and product types and they tend to be the star products from each brand. Joik is all skincare (plus candles and scented sachets) so I didn’t get to try any haircare or make up with this calendar, which I usually would do. I have to confess I didn’t find this calendar as exciting as I have done in the past.

I did appreciate the fact that there was a lot of variety within the box but there were a couple of repeated scents and a couple of repeated types of items (e.g. body butters). I didn’t like the orange and mint scent and there are two items with that scent so that’s immediately two I don’t want to use. Understandable to have some repeats when there are 24 items, but it’s not my preference.

If it was a brand I already know I adore I would possibly buy an advent calendar from them, but realistically I think I’m far more likely to buy a mixed one in future.

I also think this is over my budget really. I was fortunate to be able to use my LoveLula blogger credit towards this which did help reduce the cost, but it was still a lot of money and I’m not sure I’m keeping enough items to justify even the reduced cost to be perfectly honest.

Thinking ahead to next year

I absolutely love beauty advent calendars. I’m definitely hoping to have at least one next year (I had two this year!). I’d really love to have one that is a variety of brands but all cruelty free brands. I would only really want to spend £50-£75 so would prefer smaller samples but from a greater variety of brands and items.

What I’d really love is for LoveLula* to put together an advent calendar featuring some of the brands from their website like they do with their beauty box. I’ll be emailing this suggestion to them, but I’m sure they’ll want to make sure there is enough demand before committing to something like this so if you’d be interested in that too please let them know (or add a comment so I can link to this post!).

What would be inside your ideal beauty advent calendar?

I’m posting this on Christmas Eve evening so feeling very festive – hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻


The Joik advent calendar was purchased by myself though partially funded by credit as part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme. Links marked with * are affiliate links. 

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