Laidbare Skincare: tried and tested

I mentioned previously that I’ve been testing out the Laidbare skincare range and it’s time to share my review. I tried this range as part of the LoveLula* Accredited Blogger Programme as I used some of my credit towards these. My review is an honest opinion of everything I’ve tried based on the usual price for each item. The post contains affiliate links – if you use them to purchase the items I receive a small commission which supports my blog.

Laidbare* is a brand I hadn’t heard much about until I joined the LoveLula Natural Beauty Club where so many people rave about the brand. It’s a very affordable brand, similar to drugstore brand prices (e.g. Superdrug own brand). LaidBare are a UK brand and are cruelty free. The products I’ve tried are:

I used the brand exclusively for over 3 weeks (which was a huge challenge for me!) to give everything a good test to see how my skin adapted over time and which products seemed to be working for me. Some have stayed in my routine whilst others I have now replaced with other favourite items (and others I use occasionally). I’ll review each of the items in turn and share my overall opinion on the brand as well as my recommendations.

DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner (125ml, £6.99)

I’m not really sure about the idea of a cleanser and toner in one but I did skip my usual toner stage when testing the range. This is a really good sized item and you don’t need much each time you use it so I think it would last a good 2-3 months even if you were using it morning and night. The product is a fairly thick gel that froths as you massage it into your skin. It smells lovely and feels nice to use, though not as luxurious as something like the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel*. It leaves skin clean but not dry (no ‘squeaky clean’ feeling which is a good thing for me). It didn’t sting my eyes which I sometimes get with cleansers so I’d say it’s a gentle cleanser and probably good for those with sensitivities. I don’t wear make up often and when I do I only wear a small amount so I can’t really comment on its ability to remove make up but it was fine for my needs. Since the trial I have continued to use this product every now and again, both morning and night. It’s a great multipurpose, gentle cleanser (and amazing value for money!)

Laidbare DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner* is available from LoveLula* for £6.99.

Spot the Difference Treatment Cream (30ml, £6.99)

This is a really interesting product. You can use this as a spot treatment when you have blemishes, or you can use it all over to help prevent breakouts. I had some marks from spots which didn’t seem to be healing so I used it all over both morning and night. It’s a gentle cream which smells lovely and is moisturising not drying, so I found this worked well as a serum between cleansing and moisturising. I was amazed by the effectiveness of this product. At first I still had some breakouts but after a couple of weeks of using this morning and night they had calmed completely and the marks from other spots had started to clear. I also found it helped clear up spots so much more quickly. I am so impressed with this product. Because I was using it so often I didn’t find it lasted long but since reordering (which shows how much I love it) I haven’t used it as frequently so it’s lasting much longer now. I think this is a great treatment for clearing your skin up when it needs it and then using occasionally when you start to get blemishes or to help them clear up. It’s a staple item in my bathroom cabinet now!

Laidbare Spot The Difference Treatment Cream* is available from LoveLula* for £6.99.

Working 9 to 5 Anti-aging Hydration Cream (50ml, £7.99)

There seems to be mixed reviews on this. I find it suitable for my dry skin, whereas others have found it too light (and others too heavy!). I like it, but I always use a moisturising serum which probably helps. If you do have dry skin it probably isn’t moisturising enough on its own. This cream is rose-scented and I really like the scent. It’s a sort of gel cream consistency which I find absorbs well. I like the cream itself but don’t think it does anything amazing in terms of the texture or appearance of my skin. It’s fine, just nothing groundbreaking for me personally.

Laidbare Working 9 to 5 Anti-aging Hydration Cream* is available from LoveLula* for £7.99.

Pack Your Bags Lighten and Tighten Eye Cream (30ml, £7.99)

This is fantastic value for an eye cream. It’s a much bigger tube than most eye creams but you still only need a tiny amount so it should last months. It has an instant smoothing/tightening effect which is really impressive, and claims to help brighten undereyes over time. I didn’t find this, though I have dark eye circles and don’t thing any cream would help really! It’s a lovely product but I do find the applicator a bit of a pain as I find too much comes out of the tube – I prefer the smaller tubes for eye cream. If I hadn’t received the Madara Anti-Fatigue Eye Rescue Cream* in a recent LoveLula beauty box I’d probably be using this on a daily basis still, but as it is I have passed this on. Once my Madara cream runs out it might be a difficult decision which to repurchase as the Laidbare one is much cheaper and probably as effective, just not as easy to apply (I’m being really picky I know!).

Laidbare Pack Your Bags Lighten and Tighten Eye Cream* is available from LoveLula* for £7.99.

From Dusk Till Dawn Vitamin C Serum (30ml, £12.99)

This product really surprised me as I was expecting a creamy serum whereas in fact it’s an oil. It’s fairly strongly scented which initially I wasn’t sure about but I do think the scent is appropriate for an evening product. I find it’s a really rich nourishing oil which sits on the skin and soaks in gradually overnight. When I wake up my skin feels and looks so fresh and not at all dry which is brilliant. I’ve been using this most nights for a couple of months now and it’s become my standard night moisturiser (I occasionally use a face mask when I want something even richer). I absolutely love this product and think it’s incredible value for money. I’ve repurchased this so I’ll have another ready as soon as I’ve finished using up my current one. I wouldn’t want to be without this product now.

Laidbare From Dusk Till Dawn Vitamin C Serum* is available from LoveLula* for £12.99.

For Richer For Porer Pore Minimiser Facial Mask (50ml, £7.99)

The texture of this surprised me as I was expecting a clay type mask but it’s more of a thick scrub (it has exfoliating particles in it). It does dry as you leave it, but when you rinse it off the scrub particles add an extra exfoliation. I followed the instructions with this and only used it once per week. It seemed to bring out any impurities (I had some small spots come up the next day) and they soon cleared up. I think this is a great addition to the Spot The Difference cream if you suffer from blemishes. This is another item that is fantastic value; you don’t need to use much and as you only need to use it once per week it will last for months!

Laidbare For Richer For Porer Pore Minimiser Facial Mask* is available from LoveLula* for £7.99.


I am so impressed with Laidbare. Some items I have completely fallen in love with and can’t imagine being without (Spot The Difference and From Dusk Till Dawn). Others I’ll continue to use but probably not repurchase as I have other items which I feel are just as good or slightly better in terms of experience or effectiveness.

I love the fun names, the simple branding, and the clarity of information on the labels.

The price is fantastic and I think this is excellent value and comparable quality with much more expensive brands.


If you have blemish prone skin I would definitely recommend Laidbare Spot The Difference Treatment Cream* and Laidbare For Richer For Porer Pore Minimiser Facial Mask*.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin I would recommend Laidbare From Dusk Till Dawn Vitamin C Serum* and Laidbare Pack Your Bags Lighten and Tighten Eye Cream*.

If you’re on a budget I’d recommend the whole range – I was certainly happy with how my skin responded to using solely these products and have only really switched things out because I already have other items I prefer to use in terms of the experience.

Have you tried these or any other items from Laidbare? What do you think of the range?