January 2018 favourites

How was the first month of 2018 for you? Mine was filled with lots of travel journeys (mostly work, some social), and I made time for regular exercise (including a new gym programme which I’m loving!), connecting with family and friends, and reading. Particular highlights included a trip to London to see Sara Pascoe with a good friend, and going on a late night cinema date with my husband.

Over the course of the month I kept a list of things I enjoyed and wanted to share, and now it’s time to share that list. Here are the things I’ve been loving recently…

Bullet journal

(Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Notebook (A5) in Berry* with a Leuchtturm 1917 Pen Loop in Berry*)

I’ve been using a bullet journal for almost 2 years now but in December I tried a couple of different planners (Inspire Now Journal* and Passion Planner*). Although these both had elements I liked, they weren’t flexible enough for me and in mid-January I went back to my bullet journal using the knowledge from my experience with the other planners to enhance my bullet journal. I’m continuing to use my favourite monthly spread which I really missed when I wasn’t using my bullet journal – it has space for me to record my highlights, feel good moments, gratitude, and learning as I progress through the month. I’ve also added additional pages to support more structured planning towards my 2018 goals (which I set using the Your Best Year* business planner and review each month). The small changes I’ve made have helped me fall completely back in love with my bullet journal. If you’d like more information about how I use my bullet journal, let me know (I love sharing planning ideas so would be happy to do blog posts/videos on this topic!).

Papermate Flair pens*

As a leftie, I’ve always struggled to find pens that don’t smudge for me, especially ink pens. A fellow stationery lover introduced me to these pens and they’re brilliant for lefties as they dry so quickly. I started out with a small set of about 5 colours but soon realised I needed (yes, needed) more so I added them to my Christmas wishlist. Fortunately I must have been very well behaved last year as I was rewarded with a set of 16 pens. I choose a different colour every day and find it really helpful for distinguishing notes from different days/events. Even if you’re not left-handed these are fab pens – such vibrant colours, quick drying, fine nib, and they don’t bleed through paper. I love them!

The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything*

I borrowed this book on a whim from my local public library when I was browsing the Psychology section and I’m so glad I did. It was really easy to dip in and out of, and every time I picked it up I took something new from it. I found myself pondering over many of the things it mentioned and shared lots with other people too. As the title suggests this is a book about how to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life. There are plenty of books about this topic but I really like how empowering this book is; it’s very much about how you can gain control of your life. I like the fact the first part of the book focuses on wanting nothing as I think this is a concept that is sometimes overlooked but can be incredibly powerful in helping you lead a fulfilling life. I’m going to be reviewing the book on my YouTube channel later this month so you may want to subscribe to my channel if you’re interested in knowing more.

Glossier Priming Moisturiser

Another Christmas gift (again from my wishlist) was the Glossier Phase 1 set which included the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturiser. At first I was a bit disappointed with the cleanser and moisturiser as they just seemed so basic (I’ve noticed I’m very much influenced by how something smells and these don’t have much of a scent at all). However, I’ve been using them both most days now for the last month and I am actually really liking them. The moisturiser in particular is a hit for me as it seems to really soothe and smooth my skin. It certainly acts as an effective primer if you’re wearing make up but I’ve found that I’ve not been wanting to wear make up as much recently, partly because my skin is looking and feeling pretty good at the moment. Sadly it doesn’t have SPF and I still find it pretty boring in terms of lack of scent but I’ve definitely forgiven it due to how it seems to be helping my skin stay nourished. I have a few moisturisers I’m testing at the moment but I’d definitely consider purchasing this again in future.

You can get 10% off Glossier orders using my referral link* (in return I receive store credit).

Mossa Skin Perfector BB Nude Tinting Moisturiser*

I received a sample of this in a LoveLula Beauty Box* last year and was so impressed that I bought the full sized version. To be honest most days in January I haven’t worn any make up, but when I’ve wanted a little bit of extra coverage this product is brilliant. It’s more like a skincare item than make up so it helps to hydrate as well as even skin tone and add a bit of coverage. It’s a good size product (50ml) and you only need a tiny amount so I think this will last a long time! I like the fact it’s in a pump as this is much easier to control than a tube and I imagine will mean less wastage. I usually struggle to get tinted moisturisers that suit my yellow/olive undertones yet fair skintone but this one seems to work well for me.

Invisibobble Slim*

OK, so I know this is just a hair bobble, but without meaning to shamelessly steal another brand’s marketing slogan this is not just a hair bobble. I’ve had Invisibobbles before and they’re fantastic for days when you might want to tie your hair back for part of the day but don’t want a kink in your hair (that’s the invisible part) so that you can take it down later. I have fine hair and I find that Invisibobbles work well in terms of staying in my hair, even during a vigorous workout. Because my hair is so fine though they can look a little big (my ponytail sticks out too much) and they look bulky when worn around my wrist. I was introduced to the slim version thanks to Mikhila (AKA Miss Budget Beauty) and was really drawn to the fact that they aren’t as bulky when worn and as a bonus they look more like a bracelet too. They even come in shades that help that – I got the Bronze Me Pretty and am thinking of also getting the Chrome Sweet Chrome. Since getting these I haven’t used any other bobbles and I have one on my wrist pretty much permanently. I didn’t know I could be so passionate about a hair bobble but there you go. Amazing product!

SAS: Who Dares Wins

This is such an amazing TV show. We’ve watched every season of this and although initially it was the physical fitness aspect that interested us, over time we realised this isn’t a show about physical strength. It’s about mental and emotional strength, and it can sometimes be surprising who makes it to the end of the programme. The team (Directing Staff or ‘DS’) includes 4 ex-SAS members who push the recruits to their limits and test to see who has what it takes to be in the SAS. They all have such interesting stories and such insightful thoughts on various aspects of life. Each episode tends to focus on a certain theme and they weave the stories throughout the show to support this. It never fails to get me thinking and often ends with me feeling incredibly emotional (in a good way).

It’s currently on Channel 4 so you can catch up on 4OD and I’d highly recommend it.


What have you been loving recently? I’d love to hear your recommendations!


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