Mossa Skin Perfector BB Nude Tinting Moisturiser

In one of my recent LoveLula Beauty Boxes*, I received a sample from Mossa, a sister brand to Madara. There was a lot of excitement about this brand in the LoveLula Facebook group I’m part of, so I was looking forward to trying it out. I was pleased to receive a sample of the BB cream as I’m still on the hunt for my perfect daily base. I’m ideally looking for something that evens skin tone, adds a bit of coverage for blemishes and dark circles, keeps my skin hydrated all day (but controls oil), and protects my skin from the sun. Could the Mossa Skin Perfector BB Nude Tinting Moisturiser* be the one?

The title of this product is quite a mouthful and to be honest from the description I do find some of the information confusing. In this review I’ll be sharing what I think based on my experience using the product for the last few weeks.

On the box, it mentions five claims, each of which I’ll explore and share my views on.

  1. Instantly mattifies and blurs the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores for visibly younger skin
    I wouldn’t have said this is a mattifying product personally, it certainly doesn’t leave the skin looking totally matte in the way a mattifying foundation or primer might do. I don’t like my skin to look too matte though so this is a good thing for me! It does help keep shine away for the day which is definitely welcome. I’m not sure if it helps to blur lines, wrinkles and pores, though my skin does look fresh when I wear it so maybe it is doing something there.
  2. Natural mineral pigments provide healthy glow and sheer coverage of skin imperfections
    It definitely gives a healthy glow – I find this gives a lovely dewy effect without being too heavy or too shimmery. This is one of the strengths of the product for me personally. I’m not sure what is meant by sheer coverage as it sounds like an oxymoron to me but I do hear it used a lot and I can see why this product fits in that category. It isn’t high coverage; it won’t cover blemishes or redness, but it will help to even skin tone and make blemishes slightly less noticeable. If you’re looking for something to cover skin imperfections though I think you’d need more coverage.
  3. Hyaluronic acid improves hydration and smoothes skin texture
    Definitely a big tick in the box for me on this one. It definitely helps keep skin hydrated and smoothes skin texture. I love the feel of my skin when I’m wearing this and it stays hydrated all day. I wear it in addition to my usual skincare (which includes face oil/serum and moisturiser) but if your skin isn’t as dry you may choose to use this instead of your usual moisturiser.
  4. Natural oils and shea butter nourish and protect against moisture loss
    I think this is pretty much the same claim as the previous one.
  5. Nordic Plum Oil re-generates and soothes dry skin
    Another claim that seems similar to the last two. This product is for all skin types and as I have combination skin it works well for me. It definitely helps any dry skin, as well as keeping oiliness at bay.

Good points:

  • Packaging – it’s a pump which I find much easier to use and means less waste.
  • Scent – it’s nice and fruity and enjoyable to use.
  • Texture – it’s nice and light and easy to apply (it doesn’t dry too quickly so is easy to spread out).
  • Value – at only £14 for 50ml it’s excellent value for money compared to most products of this type.

Not so good points:

  • Very light coverage – I don’t mind this as I don’t wear make up often and am fairly lucky with my skin, but I do have days when I’d appreciate just a little more coverage without needing to use foundation.
  • No SPF – yet another product in this category that doesn’t have SPF; this is a huge downside for me.
  • Just one shade – the shade is fine for my skin, but I imagine wouldn’t be suitable for those with very pale or with darker skin tones.

In summary

A light coverage BB Cream suitable for all skin types which evens skin tone and gives a fresh, dewy look. Suitable for any age and ideal for those with combination or dry skin.


As I’m not wearing this every day (most days at the moment I don’t wear anything) I think it will take me a long time to use it all up. I do really like it for the way it makes my skin feel and the way it evens my skin tone, and I will definitely continue to use it. However, my hunt for the perfect everyday light coverage product that has SPF continues.

Purchase details

Mossa Skin Perfector BB Nude Tinting Moisturiser* (50ml) is available from LoveLula for £14.00.


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