LoveLula March 2018 Beauty Box – Tried and Tested

As part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme I receive the LoveLula Beauty Box*. I highly recommend the beauty box subscription – it’s only £13.95 per month and often the value of the products are more than double this amount (this month the products value at £43). There’s always a good variety of different brands and products in the boxes, and everything is cruelty free and natural (like all LoveLula products). The other thing I love about this beauty box subscription is you receive a voucher code to get 20% off purchases from the brands featured in the box that month.

I’ve done a video review of this month’s LoveLula Beauty Box so you can watch the video below (or on YouTube) or read on if you prefer to read blog reviews.

Laidbare Guess My Age Anti-Ageing Treatment Cream* (50ml, £9.99)

Laidbare are a brand I really like (see my previous post reviewing a number of their facial skincare items) so I was pleased to see an item from them in the box. Having said that, I wasn’t so excited by the prospect of an anti-ageing cream; not because I’m not showing signs of ageing but moreso because I don’t feel a need to tackle it. I’m coming towards my mid-thirties and I do have some fine lines but I’m totally cool with that. As long as my skin is in good condition (i.e. hydrated, radiant) I’m happy – I’m far more interested in products that will help specific skincare needs rather than anti-ageing. That aside, I did wonder if this might be a good hydrating cream as many anti-ageing creams seem to focus on this to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Guess My Age is a fairly thick white cream and it has quite a strong smell. It’s a fresh scent (it has lemon and lime peel oil), but I personally find it a little overpowering. I initially thought this was a day moisturiser but it’s actually recommended that you use this morning and night underneath your moisturiser. I guess in this sense it’s a little like a serum. I used it a few times but didn’t love the scent on me and didn’t find it did anything over and above my face oils so I’ll be sticking with those for now and passing this on to someone who might love it. It is very good value, especially for a product that is more natural and if you’re on the lookout for something to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles this might be a great one to try.

Sukin Purifying Shampoo* and Nourishing Conditioner* (150ml samples, 500ml shampoo is £9.95 and 500ml conditioner is £9.95)

I’ve been switching up my haircare routine recently so was delighted to see these in the beauty box. I love the Sukin skincare items I’ve tried (see my review of the Sukin Super Greens Skincare) and haven’t yet tried their haircare so this was perfect for me. I have dry hair and was expecting these might leave my hair dry and frizzy, but in actual fact they worked really well. The shampoo lathered well and cleaned brilliantly without leaving my hair ‘squeaky’ clean, and the conditioner definitely nourished my hair. The two together left my hair light (having removed any product build up) and soft (thanks to the nourishment from the conditioner). I have lots of shampoos and conditioners that I’m testing at the moment so won’t be purchasing the full sizes of these any time soon but would definitely consider them in future. For now they’re fantastic additions to my gym bag.

FOM London Skincare Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment* (10ml sample, full size is £79 for 50ml)

Wow; this is an expensive product. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything this expensive! This is a night serum and it is lovely and silky smooth and sinks into the skin well. I’ve been using it in place of an oil before my Laidbare From Dusk Till Dawn Vitamin C Night Serum* as I don’t think it’s moisturising enough on its own for my skin. I do like it but don’t think it does anything over and above other face serums or oils I use like the Ooh! Organic Avocado Hydrating Face Oil*. The one main difference is the AHAs which help exfoliate but I have been using the Mádara AHA peel mask* recently which I am absolutely loving and will likely review soon.

The serum is nice to apply but I’m not noticing anything amazing and for that price I’d need it to be a miracle product! Lovely to have the opportunity to try something like this though and in a way it’s a good job I don’t love it too much (for my bank balance anyway!).

Glossworks Nail Polish – Come Clay With Me* (9ml, £12)

I tend to wear gel nail polish as I prefer the finish and find it lasts longer, but recently I’ve been giving my nails a bit of a break so this was a welcome find in the beauty box. I have to be honest though, the colour isn’t a great match for my skin tone. It’s a muted neutral pink which in the bottle looks nice, but it is cool toned and doesn’t seem to suit my warmer undertones. I did try this last week but I found that it only lasted a couple of days before I had chips (I used a base coat and a top coat but they weren’t Glossworks ones so it may last better with Glossworks base and top coat). It did give a nice finish – it’s quite a thick polish so it does look like a gel polish and doesn’t show brush strokes. It also has good coverage – I did my usual two coats and it was perfectly opaque. The brush shape is good too; it has a slight curve which makes it easy to apply. So lots to like about this polish but this particularly shade isn’t a great colour for me and it seems to chip quickly so I’ll be passing it on to someone else.

(Note: I did also have a reaction to something I tried last week which might have been the polish as I have reacted to nail polishes in the past. Glossworks are free from the main toxic ingredients that some polishes have, but I think may still contain something which doesn’t love my skin. I haven’t heard anyone else have issues so suspect it’s just me!).

Elsa’s Natural Deodorant Stick – Ocean Scent* (45g, £10)

Another great item to see in the box as Elsa’s deodorants have been raved about by a number of other bloggers. I actually purchased another scent (Dew*) from the range based on these recommendations! I’m testing it at the moment and first impressions are very good. The Elsa’s Natural Deodorant Sticks are really interesting – they’re very concentrated and apply like a thick cream. They’re not totally smooth but they don’t irritate and they do seem to rub in easily. I have to be honest though, I’m really not sure about this scent which is Peppermint and Tea Tree. Some people love the freshness of it, but I found it too much like toothpaste! I tried it and kept smelling it all day (a sign that it certainly lingers for a long time which is a good sign). I’m not a huge mint fan though so this isn’t a great match for me but another good item to try from the box.

Overall it’s been another good box from LoveLula. The value of the items is £43 and even though I won’t be using many of the items myself it’s been good to test them and I’m sure I know people who will enjoy them. I do think the LoveLula beauty box is incredible value for money and has such a good variety of products. You can subscribe to the LoveLula beauty box* in various different packages – I highly recommend it as it’s a highlight of my month!

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