LoveLula June 2018 Beauty Box – Tried and Tested

As part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme I receive the LoveLula Beauty Box*. I highly recommend the beauty box subscription – it’s only £13.95 per month and often the value of the products are more than double this amount (this month the products are worth £67). There’s always a good variety of different brands and products in the boxes, and everything is cruelty free (like all LoveLula products). The other thing I love about this beauty box subscription is you receive a voucher code to get 20% off purchases from the brands featured in the box that month.

l’Odaïtès Pépite de la Palmeraie – Gentle Polyphenol Exfoliator* (60ml, £39)

The star of the show this month in terms of value and for me in terms of performance, is this amazing exfoliator. It smells incredible, it feels lovely to massage, and your skin feels so soft and smooth after. It does contain scrub particles but they are very small and it’s not too harsh on the skin. It contains dates and honey (which I think might be the reason behind the amazing smell!) as well as aloe vera. I find it’s great for helping keep skin nice and clear and smooth. I’ve been using this once or twice a week since receiving the box about 3 weeks ago and I love it so much! You only need a small amount so I think this pot will last me a good few months. I’m delighted to have received this as I never would have bought it without testing it first, and I thought I’d already found my favourite facial exfoliators in the Mádara Exfoliating Scrub* and the Dr. Botanicals Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator* (also both from LoveLula Beauty Boxes!). This one is more expensive, but it’s absolutely worth it. I’ll definitely consider repurchasing this after I’ve used this pot and I never would have thought I’d consider spending almost £40 on a facial exfoliator but this one is really worth it!

Walden ‘See The Moonlight’ Natural Perfume Oil Rollerball* (10ml, £17)

I have to be honest, I just don’t seem to be able to get on with the Walden perfumes. I tried a gift set* in the past and didn’t love them, and I’m not keen on this one either. I’m not sure what it is about them but I don’t find the scents suit me. I tend to prefer sweet or fruity scents and these are usually more earthy or floral scents. Love the fact this is a rollerball though; really convenient method for applying perfume. The scent just isn’t to my taste so I’ll be passing this one on.

JOIK Refreshing facial toner with aloe and sea buckthorn oil* (100ml, £10)

I confess I didn’t give this a chance until a couple of days ago and I’m not sure why as I love it! I don’t tend to use a toner like this anymore as I favour a spray or an acid toner. However, this toner is alcohol free though still helps my skin feel soft and smooth. It’s a product that needs shaking as it’s a bi-phase liquid with (I believe) the sea buckthorn oil sitting on top of the rest of the toner. When you shake it mixes together, though it separates again very quickly so you have to be fast! The downside of this is having to use lots of cotton pads, so if I decide to keep using this I may have to invest in reusable pads. This is amazing value for money and something I may well repurchase over other acid toners I love (which are much more expensive and not as clean ingredients wise).

There was also a small sample of JOIK Sweet Orange & Mint Body Butter to try. The body butters from JOIK are some of my favourites; you can get the full size (150ml) version of the sweet orange and mint body butter from LoveLula*.

REN & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray* (75ml, £18)

This again is something I’m not sure I love. I’ve had pillow sprays in the past and I’m not sure they’re particularly helpful for me. I’m not a huge fan of lavender which most pillow sprays (including this one) have as one of the scents. I love the idea behind it to help you relax, I just find in practice this doesn’t seem to work for me. I believe this is a new product from REN and it is good to see them branching out to different types of products (having said that I tend to steer clear of REN as they’re owned by Unilever who are unfortunately not a cruelty free brand).

Overall this month’s box from LoveLula was a bit hit and miss for me, but overall even though I won’t use two of the four products it is still excellent value for money. The standout items for me are the l’Odaïtès Pépite de la Palmeraie – Gentle Polyphenol Exfoliator* and the JOIK Refreshing facial toner with aloe and sea buckthorn oil*. I love how varied the LoveLula beauty box is and how many great things you get to try. You can subscribe to the LoveLula beauty box* in various different packages – I highly recommend it as it’s a highlight of my month!

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