Dafna’s Personal Skincare Cleanser and Night Treatment

A few weeks ago I shared my opinion on a couple of items from Dafna’s Personal Skincare, and gushed about how much I loved the brand and wanted to try more. Shortly after that I was fortunate to be awarded a voucher for being the most helpful member in the LoveLula Natural Beauty Club on Facebook so I treated myself to the night cream, and the cleanser fell into my basket once it was back in stock. 🙈

So, do they live up to the hype (and high cost)?

Dafna’s Skincare Recovery Cleanser* (50ml, £39.50)

Dafna’s Skincare Recovery Cleanser

As you may know if you’ve read my previous blog posts, I love cleansing balms. This is a little more expensive than the ones I usually go for, so I had high expectations. When it arrived it seemed to be a different consistency from some other photos and reviews I’d seen; I think the warm weather may have affected it. Mine needs mixing every now and again as it does separate. As with other Dafna products, you receive a little spatula to help you dispense the product (a nice luxurious touch and also more hygienic). You only need a small amount of the cleansing balm, and although it is initially a little grainy (as you can see in the photo), as you massage it in it does go smooth. It has a citrus scent to it, very fresh which I like. I’ve been using this at night as my main evening cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling lovely and clean without being too dry. I really enjoy the experience of using this, and it definitely adds some luxury to my routine. 

Dafna’s Skincare Nutrition Night Treatment* (50ml, £75)

Yup, at £75 this is definitely a luxury skincare item. This product has won and been shortlisted for numerous awards and I think it’s one of the more well-known items from the brand. It’s a thick night cream, and it definitely helps my skin overnight, plus I love that it absorbs well into my skin so I don’t go to bed feeling like my skin is tacky or I have loads of skincare products on my face. I’ve been using it every night for a few weeks now and you really do only need a tiny amount (as with the day moisturiser), so although it’s expensive I think it will last a long time.  

In summary

Another excellent set of products from a brand I am growing to adore. 


As much as I love the products, I just don’t know if I can justify a £75 night cream. I do love it though, so let’s see in a few months. The cleanser I would possibly repurchase, mostly for the luxurious experience, though to be honest there are other cleansing balms that are cheaper that are almost as nice to use (Lucky Cloud Nourishing Cleansing Balm* being one that springs to mind). Tricky as I love the products but they just seem a little out of my current budget.

Purchase details

Dafna’s Skincare Recovery Cleanser* (50ml) is available from LoveLula* for £39.50; Dafna’s Skincare Nutrition Night Treatment is available from LoveLula* for £75.

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