Evening skincare routine

One thing in my life that is a non-negotiable part of my day is my skincare routine. Every morning and every evening I spend a wonderful 5-10 minutes in the bathroom looking after my skin. Years ago I swore by the Clinique 3-step system, but over time I’ve learnt more about my skin and various products. I now only use cruelty-free products, many from brands who favour fewer ingredients (usually natural or green beauty brands). I love testing products so things do change, but the overall routine stays largely the same. Recently I shared my morning skincare routine; today I’m sharing my current evening skincare routine and the items I’m using for each stage.

Step 1: Cleanse

In the night I prefer to use a balm cleanser as I find this more nourishing for my skin. A couple of favourites include:

Night cleansers
  • Dafna’s Skincare Recovery Cleanser* (50ml, £39.50) – I’ve reviewed Dafna’s Personal Skincare a couple of times on the blog (about the moisturiser and mask, and about the cleanser and night cream). Dafna is a luxury brand (with a luxury price tag) but it really is a luxury experience. The balm cleanser is a lovely way to start my skincare routine in an evening; it leaves my skin lovely and clean without feeling at all dry.
  • Ermana Cleanse Balm with Grapefruit and Galbanam* (60ml, £24.00) – another cleansing balm which again doesn’t dry my skin at all. I have to be honest though, this one isn’t as luxurious as Dafna’s in scent or texture and still has quite a high price tag so I’m not sure I’d repurchase this one. 

Honourable mention must also go to Balm Balm Beauty Balm* – I don’t have one of these in at the moment but I love it and would definitely recommend it (it’s much more purse friendly too!). 

Step 2: Tone

The second stage of my skincare routine is to tone. In the evening I tend to use AHAs or other chemical exfoliators. I actually have a few on the go at the moment but when I took these photos my favourite was:

Night toner
  • Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go Exfoliating Toner* (60 pads, £20.00) – I used to really enjoy Pixi Glow Tonic and picked up these pads when I was doing a lot of travelling as a convenient way to take toner with me to hotels. Admittedly it’s not the most eco-friendly approach, but they are very convenient. The pads are soaked in the glow tonic, and you simply use them to tone your face. I really like how effective this is at smoothing my skin without it feeling like it is being stripped. I also picked up a mini version of the Pixi Retinol Tonic* recently and have been using that and really liking it. 

There’s an additional item in the photo that I sometimes use and sometimes don’t, and that’s some sort of facial spray toner which I sometimes use a bit of a moisture boost. The one in the photo is Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence which is a nice light facial spray. It’s very expensive though and not something I personally find an essential step in my skincare. Since then I’ve discovered Kathleen Natural Rebalancing and Soothing Tonifying Mist* which I much prefer and has a more reasonable price tag! 

Step 3: Serum/oil

As with the morning, this stage of my skincare routine changes depending on the needs of my skin. It’s usually the stage when I start to put some moisture back into my skin though sometimes I use this stage to treat blemishes (I tend to be quite fortunate and don’t have them often so it’s usually moisture my skin needs). The ones I use at night can be a bit heavier than ones I use in the day and I’m less bothered about how shiny they make my skin!

Night facial oils
  • Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Soften & Rejuvenate Facial Oil* (30ml, £14.99) unfortunately this doesn’t smell like marshmallow as I had hoped, but it does have a very pleasant scent and it’s a really nice oil which definitely softens skin – it feels lovely! I love Lyonsleaf products as they’re so gentle yet incredibly effective. 
  • Ooh! Organic Avocado Hydrating Face Oil* (30ml, £19.00) – I received this in the LoveLula Beauty Box and wasn’t sure at first as it does take a while to get used to the scent (it’s quite earthy). However, it’s a really nourishing oil and I did grow to love it; so much so in fact that I’ve now finished the whole bottle (which takes a long time as you only need such a tiny amount!). 
  • Antipodes Hosanna H2O Skin-Plumping Serum* (25ml, £27.99) – I have a sample of this which I got in a kit so the bottle pictured isn’t full size. In contrast to the other two products, this is more of a cream-based serum than an oil, though it is very light (almost a water-like consistency). This has a really fresh scent and helps skin feel soft and smooth, though I have to confess it’s not an item I would personally repurchase as the experience applying it isn’t quite as nice as using an oil. If you don’t much like oils you’d probably love this as it has all the benefits without the oil consistency. 

Step 4: Moisturise

The final stage of my evening skincare is to moisturise. My skin can be dry, and adding lots of moisture to my evening routine really helps. At the moment I’m alternating between two – one cream and one oil:

  • Dafna’s Skincare Nutrition Night Treatment* (50ml, £75.00) – I’ve blogged about this before and it really is a lovely product. Yes, it’s expensive so I’m not sure I’d use this exclusively, however it’s a lovely treat to use at night and it seems to suit my skin really well. It’s quite rich so you only need a small amount, and it absorbs well so your skin doesn’t feel greasy at all. It definitely helps overnight though as when I wake my skin feels lovely and smooth. 
  • Laidbare From Dusk Till Dawn* (30ml, £12.99) – This is an oil rather than a moisturiser, but I use it in addition to my usual face oil. It’s another one I’ve reviewed before and is one I’d definitely recommend, especially for dry skin. This does leave a slight residue on your face initially, though as I only wear it at night that doesn’t bother me too much. It has quite a calming scent which is nice for the evening and it feels lovely to massage into your skin. The best thing is how your skin feels in the morning and it’s such excellent value – the other end of the spectrum to the Dafna night cream! 

So there you have it – the stages of my evening skincare. The products do change as I try new things and discover new favourites. What are your favourite skincare items for the evening? Would love to hear any recommendations 🙂

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