LoveLula January 2019 Beauty Box

As part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme I receive the LoveLula Beauty Box*. I highly recommend the beauty box subscription – it’s only £14.95 per month and often the value of the products are more than double or even triple this amount (this month the products are worth £54). There’s always a good variety of different brands and products in the boxes, and everything is cruelty free (like all LoveLula products). The other thing I love about this beauty box subscription is you receive a voucher code to get 20% off purchases from the brands featured in the box that month which is great if you discover a product you love!

January LLBB
LoveLula Beauty Box – January 2018

Balm Balm Lavender Hand Balm* (60ml, £12.50)

I’m not the biggest fan of lavender scented items, though I’m coming round to realising that they are quite nice to use before bed. This balm is a new product (and a new scent that Balm Balm are looking for feedback on – which I think is a lovely way to involve people in product development). It contains a blend of natural oils and waxes to help keep hands and nails soft. I find it a little oily on initial application, but it does seem to sink in quickly. I haven’t used it enough to give a full review, but I’ve started using this every night before I go to sleep.

Madara Infusion Blanc Supreme Hydration Body Lotion* (200ml, £17.00)

I’m doing my best to be positive about this product. Why wouldn’t I be positive about it you might ask? Well! *Gets on soap box* On the back of the tube it says,

Infused with NEURO WELLBEING BIO-COMPLEX to stimulate neurons which protect collagen and help to prevent skin ageing. Moreover, it promotes a sense of wellbeing by activating neurons of happiness.

What?! I’m all for products that make you feel good, but to me this strikes me as using buzzwords to advertise a product. That aside, I really like Madara, and the body lotion smells very fresh. It’s a fairly liquid consistency and it rubs in easily, but I don’t find it anything particularly special.

January LLBB close up

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask* (30ml; 50ml is £24.00 or you can try 15ml for £14.90)

I’m a big fan of other Dr Botanicals products I’ve tried so I was glad to see this in the box, and it didn’t disappoint. It smells really lovely (it even passes the scent test with people who don’t usually like the smell of more natural products), and it’s a lovely night cream. It’s quite thick on initial application, but it sinks in nicely and really nourishes the skin. Definitely recommend this one!

REN Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum* (10ml sample, 30ml is £29.00)

I don’t personally choose to buy from REN as they’re owned by Unilever who test on animals (REN themselves don’t test though). That aside, this is a nice enough serum but not something I’d use personally as I don’t have a need for it. I don’t suffer from redness, irritation, or sensitivity so I can’t comment on those aspects of the serum, but it does apply nicely to the skin and prepare it for moisturiser.

Overall this month’s box from LoveLula was hit and miss for me; I will be continuing to use the Balm Balm Lavender Hand Balm* and the Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask* (which is definitely my highlight of the box). I still think this box is such amazing value and I love how many great things you get to try. You can subscribe to the LoveLula beauty box* in various different packages – I highly recommend it as it’s a highlight of my month!

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