PHB Ethical Beauty Coffee Bean Scrub and Mask

I’ve been a fan of PHB make up for a little while now (I especially love their Mineral Foundation* – see my review of the Medium Olive shade), but haven’t tried much skin care and haven’t been particularly bowled over by the ones I’ve received in the beauty box. However, PHB have rebranded and I thought it was time to try some new things and give them a proper test.

I exfoliate my skin fairly regularly (most times I shower) and although I’ve found some I love, I always enjoy trying new ones. The PHB one is for face and body which I was intrigued by (I usually use separate ones for my face and body), and it’s coffee based which I usually love, so I took advantage of the introductory sale and treated myself to one to try.

PHB Ethical Beauty Coffee Bean Scrub and Mask

The PHB Ethical Beauty Coffee Bean Scrub and Mask* is designed to:

“re-awaken dull, tired skin. It scrubs away dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow to give skin a smoother, firmer and brighter appearance. Used regularly Organic Coffee Beans work wonders for cellulite, ingrown hairs, scarring & discolouration.”

I’ve used it a few times now on both my face and body. The scrub particles (ground coffee beans) are effective, but not too harsh. They’re in a creamy paste which helps moisturise, and combined they leave the skin feeling lovely and soft and smooth. Even better – the smell is incredible! It is coffee based but that’s not the only scent I can detect; it also has grapefruit, orange and vanilla. It’s seriously lovely! The one minor downside is that it’s a bit messy – I’d definitely recommend using it in the shower (which is when I usually use scrubs anyway).

PHB Ethical Beauty Coffee Bean Scrub and Mask close up

You can also use this product as a face mask but I haven’t tried it in this way yet – I tend to prefer clay-based or moisturising masks.

In summary

This is a brilliant scrub that’s multi-purpose and very good value. It’s not too harsh so I’d recommend it for all skin types, especially dry skin as it helps to exfoliate and keep moisturised.


I’m really loving this scrub, and although I sometimes like variety I think this one will become a staple item for me so yes, I will definitely repurchase.

Purchase details

PHB Ethical Beauty Coffee Bean Scrub and Mask* is available from LoveLula* for £16.00.