LoveLula February 2019 Beauty Box

As part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme I receive the LoveLula Beauty Box*. I highly recommend the beauty box subscription – it’s only £14.95 per month and often the value of the products are more than double or even triple this amount (this month the products are worth £60). There’s always a good variety of different brands and products in the boxes, and everything is cruelty free (like all LoveLula products). The other thing I love about this beauty box subscription is you receive a voucher code to get 25% off purchases from the brands featured in the box that month which is great if you discover a product you love!

Walden Natural Perfume Oil – A Gentle Rain* (10ml, £17.00)

This is a new scent from Walden perfumes, with a blend of oak moss, labdanum, and patchouli. I have to be honest; I’m not a huge fan of the Walden perfumes I’ve tried in the past and sadly this one is similar for me. It’s quite a herby, fresh scent and not to my taste personally. I love the format of the perfume oil in a rollerball though, and it’s a great way to try a new perfume.

Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Sleep Oil* (8ml, £10.00)

I don’t usually like sleep oils as I’m not a huge fan of lavender; but this one is a much softer scent than I’m used to and I like it! It contains grape seed, sweet almond, bitter orange flower and mandarin orange peer oils to relax, calm, and balance the mind. I’ve tried using it under my nose as recommended on the product usage guidance, and also on my wrists; it’s something that is a really nice addition to my night routine.

PHB gentle moisturiser
PHB Gentle Moisturiser

PHB Ethical Beauty Gentle Moisturiser* (30ml, £20.00)

This is part of PHB’s new rebranded skincare range, and I was so impressed with the Coffee Bean Scrub and Mask so was delighted to see this in the box. The new packaging is in a pump bottle with a glass tube which is both more hygienic than the old tubs, and easy to recycle It dispenses just the right amount of moisturiser (a minor thing perhaps but something I really appreciate as some can be very wasteful). This is advertised as scent free, but due to the ingredients there is a scent (a very pleasant, light scent). The moisturiser is designed for sensitive, dry skin and eczema; it contains Apricot and Shea Butter to protect against inflammation. I’ve only tried this once so can’t comment on its long-term effectiveness but first impressions are good and I’ll definitely be continuing to use this (alongside some other moisturisers I’m testing!).

Crazy Rumors Hot Cocoa Lip Balm* (4g, £3.99)

I’m a big fan of the tinted Crazy Rumors lip balm, but the regular ones I don’t think are anything particularly special. This one has quite a synthetic smells if I’m honest, not sure why but it just doesn’t smell amazing to me. It’s not bad either, and does moisturise lips well, but I much prefer the tinted balms from the brand. The Hibiskiss ‘Tropical’* one is my favourite.

Balm Balm Fragrance Free Face Balm* (30ml, £9.50)

I’m never sure how to use these multi-purpose balms and we get quite a few in the boxes. There are so many ways they can be used but to me that’s almost a hindrance as I don’t remember to use them for anything! Balm Balm products are great however, and this balm is a lovely thick one that I can imagine is fantastic for dry skin. I’ll be keeping this by the side of my bed for using when I have really dry skin (e.g. hands, feet, elbows).

Overall this month’s box from LoveLula was interesting but not as exciting for me personally as some other months. My favourite items were the PHB Ethical Beauty Gentle Moisturiser* and the Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Sleep Oil* and these two alone are worth almost double the price of the beauty box. The LoveLula beauty box is such amazing value and I love how many great things you get to try. You can subscribe to the LoveLula beauty box* in various different packages – I highly recommend it as it’s a highlight of my month!

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