Nature’s Kitchen Organic Skincare

I recently found out about a new skincare brand to LoveLula; Nature’s Kitchen Organic Skincare*. I’ve recently been away for work for two weeks and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try a different skincare routine and stick to the same routine for a decent amount of time (whilst minimising products to take with me!), so with this month’s blogger credit I bought the Nature’s Kitchen Introductory Skincare Kit*. The kit contains 10 different items from the brand covering facial and body skincare products and is a really good way to try out lots of items from the brand. Each item is a decent size (most are 20-30ml) so you get an opportunity to properly test them out. Here’s the full box:

Nature’s Kitchen Introductory Skincare Kit

I’ll give a short review of each item and then share my overall impression of the brand and my standout items. I’ve also got a couple of full-sized items to giveaway too – details at the end of the blog post.

Kiwi, Apple & Cucumber Skin Soothing Face Wash* (100ml, £10.99)

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by this! It’s a cream cleanser but it has a fairly light consistency so doesn’t feel thick at all. I find it incredibly refreshing to use and have been using this as a morning cleanser. Sometimes I find face wash can dry my skin but this is nourishing so doesn’t at all; it’s a lovely way to refresh and cleanse skin without drying it out.

Oat Milk Cleanser & Makeup Remover* (100ml, £12.99)

I don’t wear makeup often so haven’t tested this as much as the other items, but I have tested it on a day that I wore mascara and it worked well. I used a cotton pad on dry skin as recommended, and although it took a bit of massaging to remove the make up it was very gentle and didn’t sting my eyes at all. As with the face wash, it left my skin feeling very nourished.

Prickly Pear, Apricot & Watermelon Skin Polish* (100ml, £12.99)

This is an interesting one! It has a fairly creamy consistency with exfoliating particles of bamboo cane and ground apricot stones. It has a lovely scent, and is fairly gentle, but I find that it can be hard to remove all the tiny particles after. It does definitely smooth skin, and is great for more regular use but the fact that I find it hard to remove means it isn’t my favourite facial exfoliator at the moment, but maybe it’s just a case of finding a better way of removing it.

Butter Clay Melting Milk Cleansing Balm* (100ml, £18.99)

Nature’s Kitchen Butter Clay Melting Milk Cleansing Balm

I do love a cleansing balm! Cleansers are my favourite skincare item and balms are my favourite format so I always like testing cleansing balms. Because of that however, it takes a lot to impress me and I’m quite particular with my cleansing balm preferences. This one is different to most of the others I’ve used recently, and I think that’s because of the clay. It’s a light brown shade and it’s opaque. It’s quite thick but very smooth. As you apply it (to dry skin) it take a bit of massaging to smooth into skin. It feels lovely to massage in though, and it cleanses really well. I don’t tend to wear makeup so can’t comment on if it removes makeup, but it really helps to keep skin feeling clean whilst still nourished. I’m really enjoying using this and am using it most mornings and especially at night for a deeper cleanse. The scent is great too; it has a sort of citrus fresh scent. Loving this!

Enzyme Rich Ultimate Glow Face Mask* (100ml, £19.99)

This is an interesting one. It’s not as thick as I imagined it to be, and is more like a thick cream. You apply this to dry skin, leave for a few minutes, and then massage with wet hands to exfoliate. The first time I used this I was really surprised how effective it was (almost too effective; it left my skin a little red!). It seemed much gentler the second time so I’m not sure if I left it too long the first time. It’s a lovely scent and does leave skin feeling smooth. My skin has had some blemishes recently but I’m not sure if that’s due to the skincare or other changes (I’ll discuss this more at the end of the post).

Skin Glow Vitamin C Brightening Gel Serum* (50ml, £29.99)

I love the idea of this product, and my skin seems to really like it. However, it’s quite a liquid serum so I find I waste it as too much comes out (this might be an issue with the small tube and not a problem with the full size one with a pump). I’m also not sure I like the scent of this one as there’s something quite herbal about it. It feels lovely on the skin though, and it moisturising and a perfect way to prep skin for moisturiser. I’m in two minds about this one!

Super Protein Skin Boosting Gel Creme Moisturiser (for oily/sensitive skin types)* (50ml, £22.99)

There are two moisturisers in the skincare kit; one of which is a gel creme for oily/sensitive skin and one of which is an anti-aging moisturiser to normal skin types. This was the one that excited me most, as although my skin isn’t oily it does occasionally get shiny and my skin usually loves a gel creme moisturiser. This one is no exception! It’s a lovely light consistency and soaks into skin really nicely. I love how my skin feels with this. It provides enough moisture for the day (and my skin can sometimes get dry) and I find it helps keep oil at bay too. I *really* like this!

Super Protein Skin Boosting Anti-Aging Moisturiser (for normal/all skin types)* (50ml, £26.99)

In contrast to the gel creme moisturiser, this one is a much thicker consistency (as you’d expect). I like this but do find it quite heavy so I’ve been using it as a night cream instead. Both moisturisers contain hyaluronic acid which my skin just loves!

Whipped Cream Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub* (200ml, £18.99)

Nature’s Kitchen Body Products

Coffee scrub is another type of product that I love! I love the scent of coffee, and I love scrubs that contain coffee beans. I use body scrubs 2-3 times a week and they seem to help my skin stay soft and smooth. This one smells amazing! The whipped cream aspect of this makes it lovely and moisturising as well as exfoliating, and the vanilla means it smells sweet too. It’s also very fine coffee grounds which is less messy than some of my favourite coffee scrubs but still seems as effective. I’m really enjoying using this.

Fig & Frangipani Healthy Skin Body Lotion* (200ml, £14.99)

I’ll be honest, I don’t use body lotion often. I use body scrubs regularly and they seem to be enough for my skin. I do occasionally like to treat myself to using body lotion to feel super soft and smooth though, and I usually like to use one that I like the scent of in place of fragrance. I was really excited by the idea of a frangipani scented lotion, but I just don’t get that scent coming through. It is however a really nice scent; just not what I was expecting at all (I guess fig is the more prominent scent). This is quite a thick lotion – almost like a body butter, and it’s very moisturising. It does take a bit of rubbing in, but once it’s rubbed in it doesn’t feel at all tacky.


Well, I have to say I’m impressed. There isn’t a single product from the set that I’ve actively disliked, and there are many that I love! One thing I will say is that my skin experienced more blemishes whilst I was been using solely this kit, but I was in a different part of the country, I was swimming (and showering) a lot, my diet was totally different, and I was a bit stressed about the work I was doing (it’s amazing, but it’s knackering!) and not sleeping brilliantly. So I can’t say that the blemishes are down to the skincare as there are a number of factors that are different. I will say that aside from the blemishes, my skin does feel lovely at the moment and it doesn’t look bad either (not too dull).

There’s one other thing I like about Nature’s Kitchen products – they have numbers to let you know where in the skincare routine the products should be used. Here’s the 4 stages I’ve been using some mornings (I haven’t used the polish every morning):

My Nature’s Kitchen Morning Skincare Routine – Steps 1-4

I think different people will like different products, but my favourites that I would repurchase for myself include:

Prize draw

As I mentioned at the top of my post, I was given a couple of full-sized products to trial the brand but then I got the full skincare kit. LoveLula have therefore kindly said I can offer the two full-sized unused items as a prize draw. If you’d like to win a Prickly Pear, Apricot & Watermelon Skin Polish* and an Enzyme Rich Ultimate Glow Face Mask* (worth over £30 together), please subscribe to my newsletter and then enter your details in the prize draw.

UPDATE: The prize draw has now closed; the winner is Nadezhda Bakalova. Well done Nadezhda!

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