Rescue My.Hair Hydrate Shampoo Bar

I’ve been enjoying using solid shampoos and conditioners recently and have been keen to try more. Not only are they reducing the amount of plastic I use, they seem to last longer and they’re also very convenient for travelling (or swimming).

I have been using Lush shampoos and conditioners, but when Rescue My.Hair launched theirs I decided to give one a go. I’m a fan of their infuse My. colour toning shampoos* (especially the gold toning shampoo* which I have reviewed previously) so I was looking forward to trying something else from the brand. I’ve been testing the shampoo bar for a week or two now and am ready to share my review (spoiler: I love it!).

My hair has always been fairly dry, and I have found some solid shampoos and conditioners leave it feeling very dry so I was pleased to see the range includes a Hydrate Shampoo Bar* and that’s the one I chose to try as part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme.

Rescue My.Hair say about the Hydrate Shampoo Bar*:

“Hand Made Luxury Shampoo Bar that cleanses hair leaving hair and scalp refreshed and revitalized. Our soap-free wellness formulation, soft fragrance and sustainable solutions for your ultimate sensory experience. Rescue My. Hair Hydrate Shampoo Bar has moisturizing and hydro-active properties rejuvenating the hair with extracts of Aloe Vera Prickly pear and carob seed extract. Fragranced with Bergamot & Rose.”

Rescue My.Hair Hydrate Shampoo Bar

You can lather the shampoo between your hands, or you can apply it straight to your hair (I favour this approach but if you don’t want too much product you may prefer not to). I’ve been really impressed with how much it does lather.

I wasn’t sure about the scent at first but I do quite like it. The rose isn’t a dominant scent so don’t let that put you off if you don’t like rose. It is a more flowery scent though, and I do tend to prefer sweet or fruity scents.

As for effectiveness, I’ve been really impressed with how it cleans without stripping my hair. I find some shampoos can dry my hair too much making it feel “squeaky” clean. That isn’t the case with this at all; it’s clean without being too dry. Obviously this is the Hydrate bad so you’d hope that would be the case and I’m very pleased (and pleasantly surprised) that it is.

Another thing I love about the shampoo bar is the packaging. Shampoo bars are such a great idea yet storing them can be messy. This manages that by being packaged in a box that you can store the bar in. It’s slightly waxy so even works when it’s soaking wet. It also makes transporting it and using it whilst travelling easy (though this isn’t something I’ve tried yet).

I’ve now been using the shampoo bar for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying it. I’ve used it with my Lush solid conditioner, and I’ve used it with regular conditionerst and both work great. It leaves my hair feeling clean without feeling dry, and it’s really easy to use.

In summary

Effective shampoo bar that cleanses and hydrates hair; perfect for those with dry hair who find other shampoos leave their hair too “squeaky” clean.


I’d definitely repurchase this. It seems to suit my hair really well and is good value – you only need a tiny bit so I think it’ll last me a good while.

Purchase details

Rescue My.Hair Hydrate Shampoo Bar* is available from LoveLula* for £13.95.

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