Alteya Organics Rose Face Cream SPF30

I don’t usually like to share reviews for products that I’m not a fan of, but I know a lot of people are really intrigued by this so I’m sharing my honest opinion (and I’m sure some people will love it so will hopefully find my review useful!).

As I’ve mentioned before, I always like to wear a moisturiser with SPF; ideally at least SPF15 though my favourite one is the Natura Siberica Aralia Mandshurica Day Cream* which is SPF20 (see my review). When I heard about the Alteya Organics Rose Face Cream which is SPF30 I was eager to try it (and was hoping to use it whilst I was away in Spain).

Alteya Organics say about the Rose Face Cream SPF30*:

“This 100% natural and certified organic Sunscreen Rose Face Cream SPF30 provides reliable and high UVA/UVB protection from sun damage– one of the main causes of premature skin aging. Free from harmful and artificial ingredients, this sunscreen offers safe and effective daily protection from the sun.”

Alteya Organics Rose Face Cream SPF30

It’s all sounding good so far, and the price is good too (£14.95 for 50ml).

The scent is pleasant; it does have a rose scent but it’s nothing too strong – I like it.

It’s quite a thick cream, so I do find it a bit of a challenge to apply and ensure it absorbs into my skin. And then we get to the bit that I just can’t get on with.

It says on the packaging that the product is “sheer tint”. If I’d have thought about this I would have questioned it as to me that’s a bit of an oxymoron. Is it sheer or does it have a tint? Well, it turns out it has a tint. Quite a strong tint. And it’s pink. The cream itself is a light pink shade, and it doesn’t really change that much as it absorbs.

My skin has olive undertones, so the pink shade just does nothing for me at all. It makes it look like I’ve applied a light coverage foundation in the wrong tone for my skin. You can see in the first photo just how pink it is, and the second is when I have really rubbed it in (and removed some!); it still leaves a pink tinge and just doesn’t look natural for me. Also, as you’re supposed to apply liberally I’m not sure the SPF will be the most effective applying it this way.

So sadly, this product isn’t for me. It’s not sheer, and I can’t recommend it for anyone with olive undertones. It may however be absolutely perfect for those with pink undertones to their skin. It does give a nice finish, and I’m sure it would work really well if it matched your skin tone.

In summary

Good value sunscreen for those with pink undertones to their skin.


Sadly not. I’ll be passing this on to someone it suits better.

Purchase details

Alteya Organics Rose Face Cream SPF30* is available from LoveLula* for £14.95 (currently on offer for £13.46).

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