Pacifica Sea Change Future Youth Serum

Serum is something I’ve had as an essential part of my skincare routine for a number of years now; I use it to combat specific skin issues (usually hydration, sometimes blemishes). I tend to prefer to use lightweight serums rather than oils, though I often use oils at night and occasionally in the morning too. Recently though I’ve been keen to try some new serums, and the first one I’ve tested is the Pacifica Sea Change Future Youth Serum*.

Pacifica Sea Change Future Youth Serum

Pacifica say:

“A day and night face serum with supernaturally effective ingredients for the best youthful, bright skin. See a change in the appearance of your skin. For all skin types! Change the appearance of your skin and make the signs of aging insignificant in your future. Visibly firm, lift, hydrate, and brighten skin with potent native floral cells and marine extracts.”

I’ve used Pacifica make up items before, and their BB cream (reviewed previously), but not any of their regular skincare. I’m always a little wary of skincare that claims to be for all skin types, but as mine is combination it can actually be useful for me. I don’t tend to use anti-aging products so I’m not interested in that aspect but was interested in the hydrating aspects and for it to look brighter.

I used the serum every day and night for a few weeks (you don’t need much so it lasted me a while). It’s a sort of milky colour and not too thick (but thicker than an oil, more like a gel). It’s a fairly light consistency as you rub it in so it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin, and I found it fitted in well to my skincare routine.

Pacifica Sea Change Future Youth Serum – close up

But does it deliver what it promises? Well, sort of. I don’t find it as moisturising as my current favourite serum (Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200*), and I don’t find it does anything particularly great for blemishes (my favourite product for that is Laidbare’s Spot The Difference*).

The Pacifica serum a good product; the scent is lovely, and it does feel nice on the skin. It doesn’t wow me though.

In summary

Good all round serum which helps keep skin moisturised and fresh, but I wouldn’t say it has anything unique. It may be better suited to skin that isn’t as dry and doesn’t need as much moisture.


Not at the moment; I’m also trying some others out as it’s not something that stands out to me enough to repurchase again and again.

Purchase details

Pacifica Sea Change Future Youth Serum* is available from LoveLula* for £19.99.

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