About me

From a very young age I have been incredibly curious (my parents fondly tell me of times when I asked questions such as, “Why is the sky?”) and I’ve kept hold of that curiosity. I love to learn and I love to help others learn. I worked in the education sector as a librarian for over 10 years and supported many people during that time; working with them to develop skills to enable them to access the information they need.

I’m passionate about supporting people, and I fully believe that we all have the resources we need within us, and we all have such incredible potential – I love to help others recognise that and give them a boost to be, do and have everything they wish for in life.

My key drivers in life are understanding how things (and people) work, sharing my learning, and showing appreciation for others. These underpin almost everything I do in life and are a key part of what drives me in my work.

I work predominantly from home in Newcastle-under-Lyme though I also enjoy travelling and working in different places. My environment is important to me and this expands to the work I do too. I will always do my best to ensure people are in an environment that suits their needs in that moment; the venues I use for my residentials and retreats offer a variety of different indoor and outdoor spaces.

I’m an animal lover (I have two cats, Cookie and Java) and I love being out enjoying the natural environment.

I also love to keep physically active and spend time doing a variety of different activities; running, swimming, and various crazy gym classes as well as lots of walks.