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Welcome to the fifth and final part of Empowering in the TRUE Leaders Programme. Below you will find the video, audio and a transcript as well as a link to the worksheet. 

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Video transcript

Hello and welcome back to the final part of Empowering as part of TRUE Leaders Programme. So this is the part where we bring everything together and we look at what we have learn from this section. So we initially looked at what is Empowerment? What does it mean to us? What sort of things define Empowerment? What does it mean to feel Empowered? What does it mean to give power to other people? And what is it about being Empowered that is important to us and the empowering?

Then we looked at empowering ourselves and we talked about having permission to do or be a certain way or do a certain thing and we reflected on what that might mean for us and the things that we might like to empower ourselves to do more of and be more of. And then we built on that by thinking about empowering others so how might it feels to empower others, how has it felt in the past to empower others? What are the benefits of that? And how might you be able to empower more in the future whether that's certain individuals or specific groups of people that you can help empower.

And then we looked at the balance of power for you and power for other people by looking at collaborative power. And that is, it is about balance but it is also about giving more power to everyone. So, it's not about taking away from someone to give to someone else, it's about giving everyone power including ourselves and everyone else involved. And we thought then about what sort of situations are you in where you might like to redress that a little bit more and empower yourself and empower others for a good purpose, a shared common purpose that you can work together on.

So what we are going to do today is to do like with the other sections of the programme and think about which of those areas have been the most pertinent for you in the area of empowering? Which of those have been little light bulb moments? Which things have reminded of you of something or have you learnt something new about? So that's what today is about, it's about consolidating your learning and recognising the things that you will remember and the things that you want to take forward so as of before it's about what next? What do you want to do as a basis for that?


Now quite a few of the ones from this section on empowering have been about small changes that you can start so you may have already put some into practice which is fantastic. And if that is working well for you continue to do those but what is next? So from now on, what things will you do? What things will you change? What things will you stop doing? What things will you start doing? Or what things will you continue to do? To ensure that you're recognising what you have learn about empowering and what feels right to you? Is it about empowering others? Is it about empowering yourself? Is it a little bit of both? Which of those areas are the areas that for you at the moment feel like a stretch but a welcome stretch, something that is going to help you feel proud, something that's going to help you feel like you're really embodying what you've learned in this section of the programme about empowering.

So, that's what I would like to focus on today. What are the keys things that you've learned? And what will you be taking forward? And what will you change about your behaviour? Or it could be specific things that you do as a result of what you've learned.

And that is the end of the section on empowering and actually the end of the four areas. So, in our final video when we come back that will be a combination of the whole programme where we start to reflect back on not just one section but all four sections and what we've learned about ourselves and how that will help us going forwards. So, I'll see you in that part but for now just focusing on reflecting on the empowering section of the programme. Enjoy that and I'll see you in the next video.

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