Mindful Leadership for Women

“Our mission with the Mindful Leadership for Women programme is to enable women to take their place as wholehearted leaders, empowered by a shared understanding that true power lies not in our ability to control others, but in our ability to inspire them.”
(Sarah Durrant & Jo Walley, programme creators and facilitators)

Why this programme now?

We have been speaking with like-minded, like-hearted women, and in common with so many of our colleagues, men and women, we’ve concluded there is a huge untapped opportunity for women to step into more empowered, fulfilling and effective leadership roles and responsibilities.

The latest research agrees that top-down, command-and-control leadership models, which emerged and evolved during the industrial revolution, are no longer relevant or fit for purpose. Modern organisations face very different opportunities and challenges which call for very different leadership skills, qualities and abilities.

Through the Mindful Leadership for Women programme, our overarching goal is to build awareness and share practices, knowledge and skills which enable women to excel and the organisations they work within to thrive and flourish.

Wholehearted leadership

Through this programme we are seeking to foster and develop a more balanced and authentic approach to leadership, one that utilises and values our logic, daring, resilience, assertiveness and decisiveness, but also calls forward our vulnerability, empathy, creativity, humility, openness and our ability to foster trust, connection and collaboration with others.

Current courses

Keeping informed

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