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Welcome to the concluding part of the TRUE Leaders Programme. Congratulations! Below you will find the video, audio and a transcript as well as a link to the worksheet. 

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Video transcript

So hello and congratulations. You have completed the TRUE Leaders Programme. You're amazing. Well done. Well done for committing to taking the time for yourself, to learn more about yourself, to learn more about who you are, your true self. And to start making some minor changes to how you live your life. To ensure that it aligns with who you really are. I hope that you found it beneficial. And I hope that in this final video some of those steps will ensure that this doesn't become something that you forget about. This becomes something that sticks with you.

So there are a couple of things that I'd like to encourage you to do as part of closing the programme for now, but it's not the end. There's some things at the end that I will talk to you about. That means that this is an ongoing journey and I'll share how that can work for you too. But for now, let's look at how we reflect on the programme.

So when we learned about reflecting, we shared this model and I'd like to you to use that model to reflect on the programme. So as a reminder we started out with trusting. That's the "T" in TRUE. And when we did Trusting, we spoke about what it meant to be trusting and we spoke about trusting yourself, trusting others, trusting the process. Then we moved on to Reflecting that was the "R" in TRUE. And we spoke about what reflection is. We shared a reflective learning cycle. We then thought about individual reflection and how that works for you and reflecting with others as well. Then we moved on to the Understanding which is the "U" in TRUE. And with that, we thought about what understanding means to us. What it means to be understanding, as well as what it is-- what it means to understand. And then we focused on understanding ourselves. We had a little bit of an exercise about who we are and understanding all this. How can we help understand others better? And how can we be more understanding to others? We thought about understanding situations and what things we need to know and what things we don't need to know about. And then we moved on to the final part of the TRUE Leaders Programme, which was the "E" for Empowering. And that was when we thought about what power is about and how we Empower ourselves, how we Empower others and how we get that balance right to possibly move towards a model of collaborative power where the power is shared and everyone feels empowered and working towards a common goal.

So within that, I'm sure there will be certain parts that for you stood out as being more applicable to you at the moment than other parts. There's always bits that really sort of click and really go, “Oh, this is really important to me or this is something that I could really do with learning more about. This is something that I'd like to put into practice”. So what I'd love to encourage you to do to reflect on your experience of the programme as you are now, is to do a very simple; what, so what, now what, on the programme.

Now, in order to stretch you a little bit, I want you to be quite concise with this. So if it helps you might want to limit yourself to a certain amount of time, but I'm going to add a limit and you may not wish to do this, but I'm going to suggest a limit of no more than three points in each of those areas. So no more than three points about what you've learned, what you've taken on the program. No more than three points about the so what, what has it meant for you? How has that helped you? What things have you been reminded of or have you learned about? And then, no more than three points for the now what and that's the things where, you're going to change something or keep doing something, start doing something, stop doing something. Something that will have an impact on you. Then always remember we can go back and do the what, so what, now what again. But for now, I just like you to focus on no more than three. It could be one. If it's just one, that's amazing. That helps you really focus. So the more concise you can be, the better. But I know that's going to potentially be a little bit of a challenge. So I'd like you to stick to no more than three, within each of those areas.

That will give you a little bit of a plan of what you might like to do to take your learning forward. Some of those things you may have already put into practice. Fantastic. Some of those things you may just want to continue doing because they've been working really well for you. That's great. But you might want to start thinking about putting some sort of plan in place as to what you've learned on that and remembering about our regular reflection. You may want to add in some reflection points now where you go back and revisit some of this. So these videos are available to for you to access whenever you wish, you can go back to certain ones or you can go back to revisit the whole programme whenever you want to. And of course, you've got any notes that you've made or any recordings that you made or anything like that. So you might want to put in your calendar a certain point where you want to go back and reflect on this. And that's one way that you can keep that learning going.

The other way is just it will happen. There will be certain things where you will get reminded of a certain experience or something that you've learned as part of the programme and it will just happen in natural course. And the other part that I want to talk to you about today. So that's about the programme.

This now it's about what's next for you? You've successfully completed the TRUE Leaders Programme and hopefully as part of that you have a greater awareness of who you are and how you'd like to live your life, whether that's in a certain area or whether that's in general. Whatever that might be, I'd love to continue to support you with that. And that's where we come to the what next. There are a couple of things that I'd like to share with you to make sure that you're aware that might be helpful.

The first is you will already be signed up to my emails so you'll already be getting those. So if you find these helpful, keep on that list, that's all you need to do. We don't need to do anything there. Just keep receiving them, if you find them helpful. Hopefully, they'll be little reminders of some of the sorts of things that we've discussed in the programme.

The big one is, in case you're not aware and just to kind of recognise how this supports the programme is TLC. So this is TRUE Leaders Programme; TLP. I also have a TRUE Leaders Community; TLC. And TLC has a number of resources that you can access at any point and the guides can help you. There are downloadable PDFs that you can use to help you look at your priorities in life, help you reassess things, help you feel better about certain situations, help you understand more about yourself. All of those sorts of things. They're available to download at any point to any of the members of TLC. And the other bonus of TLC is that we have group support calls they're kind of like coaching calls, but they're a little more flexible. A little more fluid, depending on who shows up for the call and what feels right in that moment. So we have calls at least once a month and as part of being a member of TLC, you are able to come along to those calls. You're welcome to join as many of the calls you wish to and you also have access to the recordings of those calls as well. Sometimes we have discussions around a certain theme. Sometimes we just show up and share what's going on for us and themes emerge that we discuss that helped us. And many of the areas that you might want to put into practice from the TRUE Leaders Programme could be brought back to a TLC call to support you. So if you'd like to find out more about TLC, the information will be available for you and you can join at any point. So that offer is open for you to join TLC.

And if there's any further one-to-one support that you'd like, please get in touch. I'm a coach by profession. That's what I do. And so, if there's any one to one coaching you might like at any point that you think I might be able to help with, then please do let me know and I'd love to be able to help you. Whether it's something related to the programme, something that you've learned about yourself or something that happens in the future and you just would like a little bit of support from someone who can listen to you and help you think things through and help you work out the next steps. That's what I'm here for. So that offer is always available. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about coaching with me.

And other than that, all that remains to do now is to thank you for doing this for you. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for committing to yourself and thank you for committing to making those changes. It really helps me to know that you are living your life in the way that feels right for you. And that's likely to be very different to what I choose and that's so amazing. But what I want for you is for you to be living a life that you love so much and that you spend your life choosing things that you adore. And that you go to bed at the end of night not feeling like you've been running like you’re in a hamster wheel all the time, but feeling like you're just enjoying life and you just feel at peace and at ease with things. That's my hope. I hope that the programme has helped you with that and I would love to continue your journey towards that life. So, please do keep in touch. Let me know what you found useful about the programme and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you. But thank you and massive congratulations. And if there's anything I can do to help at any point, please let me know. And that's it. Well done you. I hope to see you again in the future. And if you need to revisit these at any time you can do so whenever you wish to. Take care, look after yourself and enjoy your TRUE life.

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