Self-discovery Retreats

Please note: This page refers to away-from-home retreats which will hopefully run in 2021. Due to the current situation regarding travel, I am organising at-home retreats – see the Re:Treat page for further information.

Are you seeking clarity and focus?

Are you spinning lot of plates and wishing there was a pause button?

Are you ready to plan your next steps?

The self-discovery retreat is an opportunity for you to dedicate time and space to reconnecting with your true self. Away from distraction, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate your achievements, recognise and appreciate your strengths, reflect on your priorities, and gain clarity over your next steps. 

Together with like-minded and like-hearted people you’ll be encouraged to challenge yourself in a safe environment to truly understand what your current priorities are and what that means for you. You’ll have an opportunity to put some of your ideas and skills into practice with others during the retreat. 

You’ll come to the retreat with an open mind, a commitment to yourself and the rest of the group, and a willingness to share your unique skills and talents. 

You’ll leave the retreat with a new sense of ease, peace and calm about who you are and the choices you will make in your life.

The venue

Ribby Hall is a family owned five star holiday village set in over 100 acres of Lancashire countryside. The village includes an adult-only spa hotel (accommodation for the retreat), a health club with swimming and sports facilities, restaurants, takeaways, and numerous outdoor activities. Ribby Hall has been selected as the venue for the retreat as it offers a variety of different types of spaces (both indoor and outdoor), numerous activities you may choose to participate in whilst you are there, and has everything you need in one place.

For more information visit the Ribby Hall Village website.

About me

My key drivers in life are understanding how things (and people) work, sharing my learning, and showing appreciation for others. These underpin almost everything I do in life and are a key part of what drives me in my work. The self-discovery retreat is one way to bring these together and share in the celebration of the incredible successes of others, whilst giving them space to reflect on their next steps and an opportunity to start to put some of that into action with a group of like-minded and like-hearted people. As a coach, I fully believe that we all have the resources we need within us, and we all have such incredible potential – the self-discovery retreat is an opportunity to help others recognise that and give them a boost to be, do and have everything they wish for in life.

How we will work together

The retreat is for a small group of people to ensure maximum opportunity for connection. We’ll work collaboratively to create the optimum learning environment for all. Sometimes we’ll all work together, sometimes we’ll work independently, sometimes we’ll work in small groups. We’ll utilise the spaces available to us, both indoors and outdoors. We’ll support each other by giving each other opportunities to learn in a safe space, and providing practical support to encourage us all to develop. We’ll bring our own ideas of how we’d like to spend our retreat; we’ll share these and take responsibility for making it an amazing experience for ourselves and everyone else. 

Count me in!

If you’re interested in joining the next self-discovery retreat, please complete your details below and I’ll be in touch.