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Welcome to the final part of Trusting in the TRUE Leaders Programme. Below you will find the video, audio and a transcript as well as a link to the worksheet. 

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Video transcript

Hi! Welcome back to Trusting, as part of the TRUE Leaders Programme. This video is part five, the final part of Trusting. So it is a culmination of what we have learned so far and how we might take that forward. So we initially looked to what trust is and we looked at what it means to us. And we looked at how we could define trust and how that shows up in our lives. Then we looked at trusting ourselves and what it means to put out trust in ourselves. Thinking of examples of when we might have done that and thinking about possibly how we could trust ourselves more, if there are certain situations, certain scenarios, or certain parts of our life from which we could trust ourselves more. Then we looked at trusting other people and what the benefits are of trusting others both for ourselves and for the people who we are putting our trust into. And lastly we looked at trusting the process and that was where we started to think about not just trusting people but trusting something, trusting the universe, trusting whatever it might be that is important in our lives, putting our trust that everything will work out everything will be fine, and trusting that we will learn from the process or whatever that might be.

So today we are bringing that all together and we are focusing on what trust is about for you. So it is about a summary of what you have learned. Now you may have found some of the parts more pertinent to you than others. Some of them may be things that you thought about already. Some of them maybe things that you have never thought about. And some might be things that you think are really applicable to your life whether that be your life in general or just at the moment, one of them really might have struck out to you as being really important. So I would like you to think back on each of the parts that you have done so far. And for today, what I would like to do is start looking at where you take that. So you may already have put into practice some slight changes, light differences because of what you have reflected on what you have learned about yourself. But today is the part which we really start to put that down in writing and we are actually going to do what sort of reflection piece and a plan of what you are going to take forward. So when we come onto reflection, this will become even more pertinent as well. But this is the bit where we start to think about the what next part of the reflection.

And so when we think about what next in terms of trusting, it is about so what did we learn from exploring trust in ourselves, what it means to us, trusting us, trusting others, trusting the process. What did we learn from that? What is the big learning piece for us? And again, there is no right or wrong. You may have all have totally different learning but it's about what is important to you. That is the thing here. And so the final task to bring this section to a close is what have you learned from exploring trust and what will you do differently as a result? Now, that might be a specific action that you are going to take as a result of your learning or it may be a broader thing. That is maybe a mindset shift or it could be a longer term thing. But I would like you to choose at least one thing that you will do differently as a result of what you have learned during this trusting part of the program. And that is what the final task is. So what have you learned about trust and what will you take forward from this exploration? And that is it for this part, the first part, the T, the T is done once we have reflected on that. Now, I say it is done but in reality, there will be things that will show up at different part times in your life that might remind you of this and I do not feel like this is a something that you just do and then forget about. This is something that we are continually working on.

So, yes, we have completed that part of the programme. But you may find that next week or the week after or whenever it might be something clicks into place about trust. And that is why I want to make sure that you have written down your notes, you have got things to refer back to, and you have got that memory. Hold on to that memory of what you have learned.

The other thing that I would like to do before we close this, is to do a little bit of a celebration as well. I am always about that. Always about really celebrating our successes and you have now made it to the end of this first part of the programme. So well done you, well done for committing the time, the energy, and the effort. And hopefully it has not been too much effort. Hopefully, it has been enjoyable and hopefully you have learned from it. But have put that in and you will get back the benefits from that. So thank you ever so much and well done. We will be moving on to the next part of the programme and the next part of the programme will be reflecting. Thank you. Take care.

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