Trusting others

Welcome to the third part of Trusting in the TRUE Leaders Programme. Below you will find the video, audio and a transcript as well as a link to the worksheet. 

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Hello again, and welcome back to the trusting part of the TRUE Leaders Programme. This video is part three of trusting. So, so far, we have looked at what trust is and we have looked at trusting ourselves. What we are going to move to look at now is trusting others and this is often what we think about when we think about trust anyway. We think about trusting other people and whether you have trust in others based on certain personal relationships, work relationships, and just in general. So, this might be something that is a little bit easier in some ways to think about it. So, we are going to delve a little bit deeper on this one.

When we think about trusting other people that can be quite a tricky thing sometimes. It depends on the situation, it depends on that other person, how much we know about them perhaps and what it really means to us to put our trust in someone else and it can feel a little bit scary at times to put that trust in someone else. It is slightly outside of our control and which does not always feel comfortable but I hope you can think of some examples of when you have trusted other people and it has paid off dividends both for you and for them.

What I would like you to think about today is about the benefits that you have gained from trusting other people and those benefits I would like you to think about collectively. Now, you might want to do them in two separate lists, or you may want to do them all together, but I want to make sure that you include benefits for you and benefits for the people that you have trusted. You might be the sort of person that finds it easier to do this by thinking of an example. So, think of an example of when you put your trust into one other person or you put your trust into a group of people and think about what went well, what was good for you? What was good for them? So, you might find it useful to do that or you may find it more useful to do it as a more general thing. It may not be one specific example. It might just be a few things that you can think about when you have put your trust in other people. What the benefits have been to you and what the benefits have been to them.

I really want you to spend quite a bit of time today thinking about that and thinking about the real genuine benefits of giving your trust because it is a gift to give your trust to someone but that gift is something that you benefit from and they benefit from. I would like you to think a little bit more about how, today. So, that is today's main piece. Again, this is one that you might find it helpful to talk to other people about. With any other part of the programme, you may find it helpful, but there are certain points in particular that you may find it really beneficial to talk to other people about. It might be some of the people that you put your trust into or it might be some people that you talk about in general who are interested in similar topics. So, today's task is thinking about when you trust other people and what the benefits are.

For a little bit of a stretch, you might want to think about and we will come back to this when we do day five, so when we pull everything together, we will come back to this, but for now, you might also want to think about how could you trust people more? Are there certain situations where you would like to actually give people a little bit more trust? It could be a certain individual that you struggle to give a lot of trust to. It could be a certain scenario, whatever it might be, how might you want to give more trust? Start thinking about that, but as I say, we will come back to that in part five of trusting. So, that is today done. We are thinking about trusting other people and that is building on what we have already done. If it is helpful to you go back to your definition of what is trust to you and think about how does that apply to the trust that you put in other people. So, that is part three of this section. I look forward to seeing you in part four. When we start to think about something a little bit outside of other people and we start to think about putting our trust into something or something outside of our control. Trusting the process is what we are thinking about in part four. So, for now, trust in other people, enjoy, explore in that a little bit deeper. Take care. I will see you soon.

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