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Welcome to the fifth part of Understanding in the TRUE Leaders Programme. Below you will find the video, audio and a transcript as well as a link to the worksheet. 

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Video transcript

Hello and welcome back to the understanding part of the TRUE Leaders Programme. This video is the last in the section on understanding and it's where we bring together all of what we've learned about understanding.

So we started out with defining what understanding meant to us. And then we moved on to understanding ourselves, who are we? What makes us unique? And really getting deep into a greater understanding of who we are and what makes us so special. Then we looked at understanding other people, listening to other people, being curious about other people, sharing who we are with other people and allowing them to share with us, so that we can understand them better and have a greater understanding of how we can work well together. We also thought in that part, about how we can be more understanding to other people, whether that's people that we know well or people that we don't know so well, just being more understanding. And then finally, we thought about understanding situations, and thinking about the situations in which we would like to understand more, and the situations perhaps, where we don't need to understand more and we can take something off our plates. So what do we need to understand and what do we not need to understand.


So in this part, we bring together all of that learning and this will be different for everyone. What were the key things from this part that you took the most from? Was it something that reminded you about something that's important to you? Was it something that you learned something new about? Maybe there was a new insight about who you really are. Maybe there's an insight about how you can be more understanding to others. What were the key things that stood out to you?

And remember our reflective learning cycle that we learned about in the reflecting section. So the what, this is now the so what, what are we taking from this learning as part of the programme. And what comes next then, the now what, so what will we do differently as a result of that learning. Will that be heavy change or are there certain actions that will take? Is there something further that we'd like to do to delve deeper into this area? What specific things, what will we be doing as a result of this section of the programme?

Look back through your notes. Think about what you've learned. Think about what you've been discovering and start to think about the bits that you would like to take forward. The things that you would like to hold in your mind or in your heart. The things that you've learned about and what will you do differently as a result of those.

And that's it, for understanding. We've got to the end of the third part of our TRUE Leaders journey. We've just got one more part that we're going to delve deep into and we'll start that in the next video when we start to look at empowering. So for now, enjoy the reflection time that you have around what you've learned in the understanding part of the program and I'll see you again soon.

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