Understanding situations

Welcome to the fourth part of Understanding in the TRUE Leaders Programme. Below you will find the video, audio and a transcript as well as a link to the worksheet. 

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Video transcript

Hello, and welcome back to the Understanding part of the TRUE Leaders Programme. So far, we have thought about what understanding means to us, we have thought about understanding ourselves and understanding others too, and being understanding to others. This video is about understanding situations. This is one where actually I feel like it is as much about taking pressure off as it is adding to. Sometimes when we think about our need to understand things, it can add a lot of extra pressure. It is like when we start a new job or a new responsibility or take something on that feels new. There is a lot that we need to understand. Sometimes we get to a state where there are things that actually we do not need to understand. Others understand them and can let us know what we need to know, but we do not need to know everything. All the things that simply are not important for us to get a handle on.

Often during these sorts of self-development, self-discovery programs, we add lots to what we want to do. One of the things that I like to do is strip things back. We can only add things in if we take things away. I want your life to be easier, not more challenging, not more difficult. I want things to be easier and one of the ways which we can do that is to take away some of that. That is something that I would like to think about as a general theme throughout, especially when we come towards the end of the programme, so hold that thought.

But for today, I would like you to think about what situations there are, particularly the things that you wanted to focus on in the programme. If it was a specific part of your life, I would like you to reflect today on what part of your life it was that you wanted to focus on in the programme. What situations there are that it would help you to understand more of? What situations that you feel you do not understand, but actually you do not need to? Or, that you do understand but could let go of? Rather than adding lots of new information and taking new things in, what things are there that it is useful to hold onto and what things are there that you can let go of or that you do not need to know about?

You might want to go about doing this by a list of having certain things that you want to understand more, and certain things that you do not need to understand more, or you may just want to do some brainstorming about different situations. I would like you to be quite specific with this. What specifically do you benefit from understanding? Then maybe you can start thinking about some sort of action plan of how you can gain that level of understanding. Is it that you do not need to understand how something works, but you need to understand who is involved, so that you can go to them to understand more when needed? Is it that you do not need to understand everything about a certain project, but you need to understand a certain bit of it that is relevant to you? So, really have a little think about what is important to you to understand, what you do desire it will be helpful for you to know about, and perhaps what you do not need to know about. Then, start thinking about taking some steps towards making those changes of the things that you do need to understand more about.

So, quite a short one today, especially after the previous quite meaty topic. Just a shorter one today, although there may be quite a lot in there that you might want to add to that list of things that you want to understand, and also, take off the list. There might be a lot of switching and rearranging in today's task, but that is what I want you to do today. That will kind of consolidate some of that understanding piece particularly about the comprehension piece.

In the next part, we will bring everything together and start thinking more about what understanding means for you and what things you can do as a result of the learning that you have had from this part of the programme. So, thank you ever so much. Enjoy. Just settle in and just think about the different situations in your life that it will be helpful to understand more and perhaps that you can let go of. Enjoy letting go of them. I will see you again in the final part of understanding.

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