Empowering others

Welcome to the third part of Empowering in the TRUE Leaders Programme. Below you will find the video, audio and a transcript as well as a link to the worksheet. 

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Video transcript

Hi and welcome back to them the Empowering section of the TRUE Leaders Programme. So far we have looked at what empowering is. What does empowerment mean to us? Then, we have looked at empowering ourselves and giving ourselves permission. So, today we are starting to look at expanding that a little bit further.

This video will focus on empowering others. We may be able to think of examples of when we have empowered others and that could be through enabling them to have the confidence to do something. It could be something more specific where we specifically invited them to be responsible for something or to be involved with something and in some way empowered them to grow. When we think about the zones that we had right at the beginning where we had our comfort zone, our stretch zone and our panic zone. I kind of feel like empowerment is encouraging someone to go outside of their comfort zone to stretch themselves a little bit further. To me, that is all about empowerment, but it is also about empowering them to make sure that they are doing something that aligns with what they want to do. That is where we bring together the understanding piece.

So, when we empower others, can you think of an example of when you have empowered someone else? That could be a group of people. It could be an individual. It could be in your work life. It could be in your home life. It could be a friend. Whatever that might be, I would love you to think about an example of when you have empowered another person. The first thing that I would like you to reflect on today is what have been the benefits of empowering that person or those people. So again, we can think about the benefits to them and also the benefits to ourselves. What benefit does it bring to both parties, to those other people that you are empowering and to yourself? When we think about that in a leadership perspective for those of you who are leading your life a certain way, you are setting a role model. If you are leading, then you will have people following, and by empowering them to get involved or do something for themselves that can have huge benefits for them as well as for you. So, that is what today is about. It is about empowering others.

The second piece... So, the first piece is reflecting on how you have empowered others and the benefits of that. The second piece is around who else would you like to empower and in what way? So, are there specific individuals? Are there certain types of people? Is there a group of people? Is there a certain part of society that you would love to empower further? Who would you like to empower more and how could you start to do that? So, that is the stretch. That is the piece where we start to think about what changes could you start to make and how you could live your life in a way that aligns with the way that you want to be whilst also empowering other people.

So, two parts today. In the first part, when you empower other people and what are the benefits. In the second part, empowering the people that you would like to empower. That could be an individual or it could be a group. Once you have identified that, I would also love you to start thinking about what those steps might be to start doing that and choose the first step to start putting that into action. If it can be a really small thing that you can put into action in the next day or so that would be amazing. So, something really small. Chunk it down into a real nitty-gritty granular part of progress, and then you can make progress on that as soon as possible.

So, that is all about empowering others. I hope you find it useful to think about how you can do that and how you can continue to do that and how you would like to do that going forward as well. In the next part, we are going to build on those the last two parts of this and put that together, and we are going to talk about collaborative power. So, I will see you again when we come back to that.

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