Learning. Developing. Sharing. Coaching. Being.

I’ve always been incredibly curious about pretty much everything. A fantastic day for me is one where I’ve learnt something and shared my learning with others. I love intellectual learning, physical learning, and reflective learning. I always want to know how things work, how people work, and if there is a way to evolve. I love deep conversations and am driven by a desire to develop myself and help others develop too. As a coach, I challenge clients to define and refine their goals and encourage them to set ambitious and achievable actions. I empower them to make the impossible seem possible and am committed to supporting them as they grow. I also make sure we have fun along the way!

Join me on my journey to a wholesome, authentic, and courageous life.

Whose priorities are you making time for?

I’ve recently been reminded about something that frequently catches me and many of my coaching clients out, and I thought it was worth sharing in case you find the same. It’s a phenomenon that is common with email (and other messaging platforms) but it’s a broader problem. When you choose what to spend time doing, […]

Where do feelings come from?

Last week I had a rubbish couple of days. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing specific had happened. I just felt rubbish. I cried a lot. I felt sad. I felt upset. I felt disappointed. There weren’t any huge issues, just some minor niggles that got me feeling a bit unsettled. Living in […]

Going with the flow

Anyone who has known me for any length of time will know I like a plan and I can be quite fixed to a plan. In the past I would have laughed if anyone had described me as being spontaneous. In fact, I once received some coaching on this as I wanted to be a […]

What are you playing down?

It’s time for a confession. I help people overcome their fears all the time through my coaching. Things that they’ve been wanting to do for years but for some reason have held back from because they’re scared. The really important things that they just know they are destined to be doing. The things they know […]

Feeling at one with the world

Just recently I’ve been spending more time outside. Partly it’s because we’ve been experiencing dry weather (laptops or notepads and rain don’t mix so well!). Partly it’s because it’s a safe place to be during the current pandemic. Partly it’s because I enjoy exploring and being outside is one way to fulfil that, especially whilst […]

The importance of quality “me” time

Last week I had a bit of a wobble and it was an amazing reminder about how important it is for me to take quality time for myself. I took myself out to a beautiful place in the countryside, armed with a notebook and pens. I walked along the river and found a bench to […]