Learning. Developing. Sharing. Coaching. Being.

I’ve always been incredibly curious about pretty much everything. A fantastic day for me is one where I’ve learnt something and shared my learning with others. I love intellectual learning, physical learning, and reflective learning. I always want to know how things work, how people work, and if there is a way to evolve. I love deep conversations and am driven by a desire to develop myself and help others develop too. As a coach, I challenge clients to define and refine their goals and encourage them to set ambitious and achievable actions. I empower them to make the impossible seem possible and am committed to supporting them as they grow. I also make sure we have fun along the way!

Join me on my journey to a wholesome, authentic, and courageous life.

Planning ahead during uncertain times

One of the things I know I’ve struggled with recently, and have had a number of conversations with family, friends and coaching clients is how we can continue to plan ahead in the current climate where we don’t know when we’ll be able to do some of the things we’d normally plan. I’d planned to […]

A message from the heart

Today has been a bizarre day and I feel drawn to sharing how I feel in case it helps others. I know sometimes it’s helped me to read about the experiences of others and notice similarities and differences so I’m sharing mine. This is a longer post than usual and I make no apologies for […]

“Could do” list

I drafted this blog post a couple of weeks ago. During this time of social distancing where I’m spending less time travelling, more time at home, and my work habits aren’t the same it’s become even more useful, so I’m sharing this with you now as it may help you too. I was talking with […]

5 top tips to help during uncertain times

So…. we’re living in a pandemic and this one doesn’t seem as easy as the board game version to overcome.  Things are changing incredibly rapidly, and I think we’re all feeling at times like we’re not taking it seriously enough and at times like we’re taking it too seriously. That’s understandable, and it’s OK. I’m writing […]

Don’t have time for professional development?

One common reason for not doing as much professional development as people might like is that they don’t have enough time to fit it in. This could be something they feel themselves, or it could be a wider organisational perspective.  Whilst time is indeed a finite resource, and we do only have 24hrs in each […]

New year, *real* you

Welcome to 2020! The start of the year is a time when many of us set resolutions to “improve” themselves. Sometimes we choose to add new things to our lives, sometimes we choose to take things away, sometimes we choose to make minor adaptations. Often to help us find a “new you” that we’re encouraged to […]