Learning. Developing. Sharing. Coaching. Being.

I’ve always been incredibly curious about pretty much everything. A fantastic day for me is one where I’ve learnt something and shared my learning with others. I love intellectual learning, physical learning, and reflective learning. I always want to know how things work, how people work, and if there is a way to evolve. I love deep conversations and am driven by a desire to develop myself and help others develop too. As a coach, I challenge clients to define and refine their goals and encourage them to set ambitious and achievable actions. I empower them to make the impossible seem possible and am committed to supporting them as they grow. I also make sure we have fun along the way!

Join me on my journey to a wholesome, authentic, and courageous life.

To be or not to be

Yesterday was World Bee Day, a day designed your raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping. It got me thinking about a different version of bee though – human beings (it’s a tenuous link I know, but I’m going with it!).  I’m hearing people talk about how they’re concerned they haven’t “done” much […]

Committed but not attached

Recently I was chatting to one of my coaches about the fact I’d like to look forward to the future more than I worry about it. I love the idea of enjoying my future before it’s happened, yet it sort of seems bonkers. But worrying about my future before it’s happened, that seems normal. Isn’t […]

Is today a write off? Never!

Today’s post is inspired by a couple of my own experiences recently and discussing this with family (thanks Dad!). I’m sharing something that has helped me and hope it helps you too. I drafted this last night and it turns out I needed to hear it for my day today too! 🙈 Whilst living in lockdown, […]

When “good” things happen during “bad” times

I’ve had a number of conversations this week about something that’s been playing on my mind and seems to be echoed by others. As I write this, most of us in the UK have been living in lockdown – I have for 39 days. We’re experiencing a global pandemic and many people are dying. Most […]

New Free Programme – Coping with Uncertainty

During this period of reduced travel, reduced work opportunities and increased time to focus I’ve been reflecting on how I can continue to support people, and I’m very excited to be able to let you know my new free 5-day programme on Coping with Uncertainty is now live! I’d love to help you and anyone […]

The Green, Green Grass of Home

So, we’re living in a global pandemic and many of us are barely leaving our homes. During this time, I’m noticing in myself and others that sometimes the negative voice in our head manages to convince us that other people are much better off than us and I’m posting this today as a reminder to […]