Welcome to the second part of the Re:Treat - Recharging. Below you will find a short video introducing the area and some suggestions of activities, with the resources available below that. You'll also find a transcript and audio version if you prefer to read or listen rather than watch the video. 

Video transcript

Hello. So welcome back to the Re:Treat. And today is the second part where we start to look about Recharging. So the purpose for this section is really to reconnect with who you really are and who you are in this moment. We're always the same person, but we evolve over time and sometimes we might forget who we really are, and what's important to us. And so now is opportunity for you to really tune back into who you really are. What are your skills? What are your values? What are the things that are important to you, and what are your priorities in life?

So there's quite a few different recommended things that you might want to do as part of this Recharging. You may want to use different spaces for this as well. This is one area in particular, where you may like to go outside of the house, you may want to go for a walk, you may want to go for a drive, you may want to go to one of your "Happy Places", if you can do so. And that might be going into that space in your head or it might be physically going to a place where you feel really comfortable. So one of the things that you could do today is start to think about what are your Happy Places? What are your inspirational places? And what can you do to your environment to help it feel more comfortable? And then that could be just for now or it could be longer term as well? What can you do to make yourself feel more comfortable so that you can reconnect with yourself when you need to do that, when it's all feeling so overwhelming that you just need to go back to, you know, a stable steady place? What do you need around you. So that's one of the things you might want to do today.

You also might want to do a grounding practice. And I've got a short video that I'll share of a grounding practice that you might want to do. But I'm sure that you'll have some other ideas and suggestions. And there are plenty of apps and videos and loads of other things that you can do as a sort of grounding practice for yourself.

You may also want to do some sort of gratitude. So there was a little bit about gratitude in one of the reflecting exercises if you did that. Gratitude is something that really helps to bring you to the present. So this is something that you can be incredibly grateful for. And it's a tool that you can use all the time to kind of centre yourself again. So that might be something that you want to do today.

And then the other kind of area that you might want to do is to spend a little bit of time recording in some way, whether that's writing it down, whether it's recording a video of yourself, recording an audio, reminding yourself of the things that are important to you. So one of the things you might want to do there is think about how you spend your time. And I've got a little exercise that I can share on that as well. And perhaps think about what are your priorities in life? And how are you allocating time to those and does it align, does it line up, that might be quite enlightening for you to do today.

Also thinking about the different parts of your life and how they're going and which parts are taking priority at the moment in which are taking a bit of a backseat, and are you comfortable with that. Sometimes there are things that are more important at different times. So just to kind of check in, I suppose, checking in with where things are at the moment. So you may want to do something like a wheel of life or similar things where you sort of check in with the different parts of your life and see where they're at, and whether that feels comfortable for you at the moment.

So all of those activities are things that you could do to help you reconnect with yourself. And I look forward to seeing you at the check in where we can talk about some of those ideas and suggestions and decide what will really help you whether it's going for a walk, whether it's talking to friends, whether it's spending a little bit of time introspectively analysing your current situation, and what's important to you and whether the way that you're living your life actually aligns with that. And those sorts of activities will really help us when we come to the next part where we start to plan the future. Because knowing what's important to us and where things are at and where there's perhaps some slight incongruence there, that can be really helpful to help us make those minor changes, to living a life that just feels so much more comfortable and so much more at ease and so much more in flow with who we really are, who we are right now, rather than the person we were 5, 10, however many years ago, or a person that we aspire to be. It's important to live our life in a way that feels right for us now. So today is that opportunity to think about who we really are and who that person is and what sort of life they would choose to lead on what sort of life they deserve to lead. So I hope you make the most of this opportunity. And I look forward to seeing you on the call. So thanks ever so much. See you in a little while.

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