Using Authenticity to Maximise Potential

Workshop description

This practical workshop provides attendees with an understanding of elements that makes them unique and how they can use this knowledge to live their personal and professional lives in a more authentic and fulfilling way. By understanding our drivers and our motivations, we can maximise our potential. The workshop includes exploration of personal authenticity, examples of authenticity in practice, and ways to apply the learning into our work and career.

Course overview

  • What is authenticity?
  • Our authentic drivers
  • Our motivations
  • Case studies: authenticity in practice
  • Integrating authenticity into our leadership
  • Encouraging authenticity in our organisations


“I have loved the opportunity to be engaged and to reflect on issues/self/values etc. I feel motivated/inspired as a result.”

“Really enjoyed today’s session. I found it valuable on both a personal and professional level. It was hard work and emotionally tough at times, but ultimately worth it! The teaching techniques employed made the session more memorable and relevant. Thanks!”

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