Leadership Fundamentals

Workshop description

This practical workshop includes an exploration of different leadership styles and approaches, and encourages attendees to consider their own preferences and those of leaders they know. It incorporates exercises and discussion on what makes an effective leader; the similarities and differences between leadership and management; and authentic leadership. Attendees will leave with an appreciation of the impact effective leadership can have on individuals and organisations, and an idea of how they can develop their own leadership to support those around them.

Course overview

  • What is leadership?
  • Leadership vs management
  • Leadership styles and approaches
  • Leadership preferences
  • Authentic leadership
  • Leadership in practice


“Wide-ranging and practical, both in terms of the activities and in the ways we were encouraged to think about leadership in our workplace, which was hugely valuable. Very glad to have the chance to get out for the day to think about these issues.”

“Very informative with much food for thought. A good balance of exercises, mixing, interaction and listening. I now have many more tools at my disposal!”

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