A new chapter

Nine years ago today, I created Joeyanne Libraryanne, a corner of the web for me to reflect on all the things I learn and share things I’m passionate about. Over that time I’ve changed job roles, changed organisations, been fortunate to have had a whole load of incredible experiences, learned many new skills, and developed new passions. As I reflect on those things, it seems pertinent to use this opportunity and this space to share my next challenge. 

At the end of July, I’m going to be leaving my current role to become a freelancer. This isn’t something I’ve had in a long term plan (I don’t do career plans anyway and as I reflected on in my end of year post in December, I’m more focused on living a fulfilling life in the present than worrying too much about the future). Going freelance is something I realised a few months ago that I needed to do. There’s so many things I’m passionate about, and I really want to dedicate time to them. I’m fascinated by how things (and particularly people!) work. I’m passionate about helping people develop. I want to do more research, and help others do research by giving them skills and confidence to do so. I want to develop and run more training workshops. I want to do more to support leadership development, and I want to continue to mentor and coach. I hope that by freelancing I can dedicate more time to these things, as well as having the flexibility to explore other opportunities too. 

I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing in a few weeks, but I’m so excited about what the future may hold. I’m sure I’ll continue to blog what I learn and share anything that might be of interest to others. In the meantime I’m off out to enjoy dinner at the UX Libs II Conference in Manchester (which I’m sure I’ll blog about soon!). Cheers!