Setting intentions

One month of 2019 has passed, and some of you may be fully immersed in your “New Year, New Me” resolutions. Some of you may have tried them for a while and decided it wasn’t for you. Some of you may not mark the new year at all, and some may periodically set new goals on a regular basis. There’s definitely no right or wrong way to be with this (or with many things, but that’s a whole other topic!).

In the past, I used the new year as an opportunity to set long-term goals and make new resolutions. Since 2017, I’ve moved away from annual resolutions and instead have chosen a word for the year to set an intention for how I will strive to be (rather than what I will strive to do). In 2017, it was all about being balanced. In 2018, I focused on being courageous. In 2019, it’s all about being passionate.

I’m still learning about balance and courage and they both continue to support me in my decisions on a daily basis. Now that I’ve added passion to the mix too, it’s really helping me focus my time and energy on the right things at the right time.

What is your intention for how you would like to be this year?

How will you use this intention to support your decisions
and choices about how you spend your time?