As you may remember, I was looking at organising a self-development retreat at Ribby Hall. The global pandemic has put a pause on that, so I’ve been looking at ways to provide similar benefits by giving people time and space to reflect and plan.

I’ve designed a three day experience you can do from the comfort of your home (or anywhere else!), and has the flexibility to work around other commitments. There’s a check in at the beginning and end of each day, an optional one at lunch, and it’s up to you to choose how to spend the time between those – either independently, or with others on the Re:Treat.

Each of the three days has a difference focus:

Day 1 – Reflect
Day 2 – Recharge
Day 3 – Replan

There are suggestions of activities for each day, and we spend the first check in sharing ideas and making a commitment to help us give ourselves the time and space we deserve to support us as we reflect, recharge, and replan.

The Re:Treat is a way to celebrate your achievements, recognise your learning, check in with where you’re currently at, and help you plan for future. You’ll be able to focus on whatever timescale feels right for you, whether that’s the next month, quarter, year, or longer-term.

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