An abundance of love…

Today I’m writing about a topic close to my heart, in fact close to everyone’s heart. I’m talking about love. Recently I’ve been learning to love myself (and truly love myself for who I am right now, not an idealistic version of myself). I’ve found through this process that it’s having two amazing unexpected outcomes.

First, I have more love to give to others.

When I truly love myself exactly as I am I’m put in such a positive and accepting mindset that it means showing love becomes a default behaviour and it therefore becomes more natural to show others love. I have many people in my life that I love, and this group is expanding all the time. I show my love by spending time with people, doing things for them that I know they will appreciate, and complimenting them (if you’re familiar with the love languages you won’t be too surprised to hear my preferences are quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation). I wear a necklace which has the words ‘Spread the Love’ engraved on it and every time I wear it I’m reminded to have the courage to show love. I’ve had some amazing experiences recently due to this mindset of spreading love.

Second, I’m feeling more love from others.

I think due to the fact that I’m more accepting of myself, I’m realising that others may love me as I am too and I’m more ready to receive and appreciate their love. This has strengthened my friendships, forged new friendships, and even supported me during my first ever conference keynote. Yes, I felt love in a conference room in Aberystwyth. Really.

So why am I sharing this experience of love? My experience has demonstrated to me that love is not a finite resource. By showing love for one person (yourself or someone else), it doesn’t mean you’ll have less love for another. If anything it may well mean you have even more love as you’re in a state of abundance of love.

The compound effect of loving yourself and spreading love means there’s more love in the world. How beautiful is that?

What could you do in the next week to show yourself love and appreciate yourself exactly as you are now?

How could you show love to others around you – those you already love and those you could love if you knew them better?

Let’s spread the love far and wide