The Green, Green Grass of Home

So, we’re living in a global pandemic and many of us are barely leaving our homes. During this time, I’m noticing in myself and others that sometimes the negative voice in our head manages to convince us that other people are much better off than us and I’m posting this today as a reminder to shift our focus to appreciating our situation.

I’m hearing things like:

“It’s alright for X, they’re still able to work”

“Y is so lucky, they don’t even have to work”

“People with families are so fortunate, I haven’t got anyone for company”

“I wish I lived alone; not having my own space is driving me mad”

When we see them all like this we can see the ludicrousness of these types of messages, and sometimes we may even notice in ourselves that we sometimes hold opposing views.

The negative thoughts are highly skilled at comparing us unfavourably to others and no matter what our situation is will find a way of making it seem like others are much better off – like the grass is always greener syndrome.

There is no sweet spot between the extremes and we can always find something to feel bad about – all it takes is a mindset shift to stop giving the negative thoughts energy and to choose to switch our focus to the things that serve us better and help us feel good.

One of the greatest ways (and most efficient ways) we can do this is to express gratitude for our current circumstances. So yes, you may be able to find negatives for your situation, but what about the positives? There will be just as many of those as negatives. What are you grateful for?

So just as the negative thoughts can get us feeling like the grass is greener elsewhere, my challenge to you (and me!) is to water our own grass; notice the green, green grass of home; and focus our energy on those things.

The negative voice in your head may be able to find a whole host of things to feel bad about, but what can the real you find to feel good about?

What are you grateful for today?