Is today a write off? Never!

Today’s post is inspired by a couple of my own experiences recently and discussing this with family (thanks Dad!). I’m sharing something that has helped me and hope it helps you too. I drafted this last night and it turns out I needed to hear it for my day today too! ????

Whilst living in lockdown, I think many of us have experienced days that just don’t quite seem to go to plan. Perhaps we start out with good intentions but we experience challenges that set us back. Or perhaps we wake up just not feeling quite ourselves and stay that way for longer than we’d like to. Maybe things are feeling good and then suddenly they just don’t. I’ve had all of these examples in the last few weeks!

In the past, there have been a couple of sentiments that have sometimes helped me through times like these:

“Tomorrow is a new day”

“Your success rate of getting through crappy days is 100%”

Just recently though, I’ve realised that it’s not always helpful for me to write the day off and wait for tomorrow as if there’s still some of today left I can choose to enjoy the present and feel better even sooner. 

Sometimes I’m just not ready, and that’s OK, but I’m now approaching every moment in an open-minded way and it’s having a really positive impact. 

I’ve had days where they got off to a bad start and I thought they weren’t going to be enjoyable at all and I’ve been able to choose to make the most out of the situation and really enjoy it. I’ve had evenings where I’ve been feeling down and then spent the last hour or so restoring my positive energy (by doing things I enjoy) and gone to bed feeling amazing. 

So as well as the sentiments I mentioned earlier, I’m adding a new one to remember:

“The day isn’t over until it’s over”

The way we move to a place of feeling good will vary for each of us, and vary for each situation, but fundamentally it’s the same concept – whatever our situation, we simply choose to enjoy life in the moment and choose to feel good. I know it sounds too simplistic, and believe me I know it’s not always possible in the moment, but that really is all there is to it.

We can choose to enjoy life in every moment, not just each full day. 

What will you choose next time you feel like the day is a write off? 

I know I’ll be choosing to appreciate every moment when I feel able to ????