Because you gotta have faith

Earlier this week I had a video call with a friend I haven’t been in touch with for 15 years (how amazing is that?!). In some ways it was like nothing had changed, though of course in reality a lot has happened in both of our lives in that time. 

One of the things we ended up talking about was faith. We’ve come to this from two very different directions, but our mindset and how it helps us is very similar. 

It helped me realise that a lot of the things that help me on a day-to-day basis are similar to those who have a strong faith. 

I’ve always associated the word faith strongly with religion, but the conversation this week has helped me separate those and realise that you don’t need to follow a religion to have faith. 

My faith helps me choose to feel OK about things because I believe:

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • We’re all part of a much greater “thing”
  • We’re all incredibly valuable and our uniqueness means we all have a role to play
  • Some things can’t necessarily be explained by logic
  • Everyone has a positive intention behind their actions
  • Everything will work itself out to be OK in the end – and if it’s not OK, it’s not the end

These beliefs aren’t necessarily conscious thoughts but they’re things that I know I hold on to and remind myself of when things don’t feel so great. They help me recover more quickly and help me spend more time feeling good which is always what I’d choose ???? 

What do you have faith in? How does it help you?