Feeling at one with the world

Just recently I’ve been spending more time outside. Partly it’s because we’ve been experiencing dry weather (laptops or notepads and rain don’t mix so well!). Partly it’s because it’s a safe place to be during the current pandemic. Partly it’s because I enjoy exploring and being outside is one way to fulfil that, especially whilst there are restrictions on travel. Partly it’s because I’m currently doing an outdoor coaching course. But none of those are the primary reasons.

I’ve been spending time outside because I feel a strong draw to the natural world.

One phrase that I’ve heard a lot over the last couple of years and if I’m honest never really understood is the concept that:

We’re the entire universe pretending to be a human being

There’s some quantum physics in there (apparently) but I don’t know the detail and I’ve always felt a bit challenged by it as it doesn’t make sense to me.

Just recently however, as I’m spending more time outdoors and connecting to the ebb and flow of the world (plants, trees, animals, as well as other people) I’ve felt a real connection to this.

It’s hard to put into words in a way that makes sense, but it’s a feeling that I’m very much appreciating and choosing to nurture. I’ve been experimenting with going to different types of spaces and appreciating the beauty of each one and feeling part of that landscape.

I’ve heard plenty of people talk about how grounding they find it to walk barefoot in grass or hug a tree and I sense that’s part of feeling at one with nature.

I might not understand why these things feel so good, but I’m OK with that. All I know is that I’m really benefitting from spending more time outside connecting with the universe and everything within it.

What’s your connection to the universe like at the moment?

How could you pay more attention to it and nurture your connection?