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What if you already had the answers to your questions?

I’m starting this post sitting in a fabulous cafe/restaurant in Marple after an inspiring morning of Street Wisdom with Claire Bradshaw (if you’re not familiar, I previously wrote about Street Wisdom). Today’s experience was a little different in that there is more open space where we met so we explored green space more than city […]

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A transformative walk

I took a walk earlier today. Yesterday had been a long and busy day; doctor’s appointment, cemetery visit, work, met with a friend, lunch out, train to London, evening coaching workshop, drinks, late night train back. It had also been an emotional rollercoaster; I’d been apprehensive, excited, pensive, productive, challenged, nervous, resistant, worried, confused, energised, […]

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Monday Cheer

Expressing gratitude is a bit of a trend at the moment. Is it really helpful or just a current fad? According to this article on neuroscience revealing four rituals that will make you happier, expressing gratitude can drastically improve mental health (by boosting some of the neurotransmitters that are also boosted by antidepressants). It doesn’t even matter […]

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