Being honest with myself about how I feel

I had a wonderful email from a coaching client yesterday where she opened up about how she was truly feeling. It was incredible and it helped me take an honest look at myself.

The last few days I’ve been really feeling the toll of another lockdown and it’s knocked me sideways. 

Most of the time I’m a glass half full person. I frequently ask myself what I can be grateful for and tend to focus my energy on the positives in life. 

Like many people, over the last 10 months I’ve really missed a lot of different things that my life usually includes. But I’ve mostly been appreciating the things I’ve still had (my health, a roof over my head, food on the table, family and friends I can keep in touch with…).

Sometimes though, it just feels tough. I feel meh.

When I notice this is happening, I’ve learnt to accept it and remember that it will pass. I don’t try to change it, I don’t try to fight it, I just look after myself and am patient. Feeling bad doesn’t change who I am, it’s just a short-term state.

The photo below is my true self today and whilst it’s not the shiny bright energetic person I know I sometimes am, it’s part of me. I’m grateful for these times too as they provide a contrast to help me appreciate when things feel amazing which I know they will again soon.

I’m OK with not feeling OK, and I know it will pass. In the meantime I’m looking after myself and the more I do that the sooner it will pass.

Today I’ve been taking each moment as it comes. I’ve done some work, some exercise, and some rest. I’ve taken things slowly and not done much of anything. I’ve been honest with myself and others when they’ve asked how I am.

I’m already feeling so much better than I was this time yesterday, and with some extra self-care I know I’ll feel amazing again soon.

I’m really glad I have the TLC group call tomorrow as I know that will be an incredible group to be in to give myself time and space to remember who I am and what life is about. I’m going to share a grounding practice, and I’m going to be totally honest with the group and encourage them to do the same so that we can support each other. It’s one of my treasured safe spaces and something I’m incredibly grateful for.

How are you truly feeling today?