Is your life in balance?

I’ve been pondering about balance recently. We often talk about work life balance but there are so many different parts of our lives that are important. Usually, when things don’t feel quite right, it’s because something is out of balance. Maybe we’re giving more time and energy to something that isn’t important to us or isn’t particularly healthy to us. Maybe we’re not giving enough time and energy to something that is important to us (perhaps we’re taking it for granted or just not giving it the love it deserves).

The video below shares some of my recent ponderings on balance (with bonus guest appearance from Java cat 😻).

How can you be aware of when things aren’t in balance for you and bring it back into balance?

If you’d like to help assess the priorities in your life and where things might be out of balance at the moment, you might want to download and complete a Wheel of Life (this resource is part of the TRUE Leaders Community which you are welcome to join).