New Year, TRUE You

And so we’re into 2021, just like that. It might not have been quite the start to the year you were expecting. Some of the things you were perhaps hoping to look forward to might not be possible at the moment. But we can still look forward to a time that they will, and in the meantime we can focus on enjoying things that we can still do and potentially discover (or rediscover) what those things are.

I don’t know about you but I’m glad we’re a week or so into January now and I’m not hearing as many “New Year, New You” messages. I had emails, adverts on the radio, billboard signs, social media messages, all sorts. It’s a lot!

I used to pay attention to them. I’ve always loved the new year and seen it as an opportunity to set new goals or targets, and develop new habits. But the last couple of years have been different. I’ve realised I don’t need to be anything other than me. I don’t need to be a “new” me. Sure, sometimes I want to make changes to my choices to make sure they align more with my true desires, but I don’t need to keep adding to my life or trying to be a “better” version of myself. The best version of myself is when I’m truly in tune with myself and behaving accordingly.

My TRUE philosophy helps me with this. It’s all about Trusting, Reflecting, Understanding and Empowering – using each of those to support myself and those around me too. It helps me keep life simple and enjoyable, and helps me appreciate who I really am.

I’d love to share this with more people and as an antidote to the “new” you messages, I’m launching my TRUE Leaders Programme again this January.

This time, the programme includes weekly activities (rather than daily) to give more time for each area and give the opportunity for embedding into practice. It also includes membership to the TRUE Leaders Community with access to additional self-discovery materials as well as an invite to each of the monthly group calls.

Interested in joining us? You can sign up at any time, though if you’d like to work through at the same pace as others the next programme will start on 25th January (with the week before being the preparation week) so register now to join us.

So for 2021 let’s make it less about “new” you and more about “TRUE” you!

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