The value of a safe space

Yes, that photo is Cookie cat. He’s well-known by most people who know me as he’s a very special cat – he’s diabetic, has a thyroid condition, is mostly blind, and is one of the most loving things ever to be part of our amazing world. The bed is one of his safe spaces 😊 Anyway…

I’ve recently been supporting an organisation I work with by facilitating some small group conversations for people in their network. These conversations are open-ended conversations with no agenda at all – the people who came along had chosen to join, but didn’t know anyone else and didn’t have anything that they wanted to discuss other than the fact that they wanted a safe space to be able to listen to others and share with others. It’s been an incredible experience for everyone involved because of the value of sharing a safe space.

We’re living in such unusual times and we’re going through emotional rollercoasters. Initially it maybe seemed like we’d hit pause on our lives. Or perhaps we suddenly became really busy. Or perhaps things slowed down for us. Whatever our situation, things were unusual. And we went into coping mode. And we coped. And then time went on. And on.

And now we’re months into living through a global pandemic. Some things have started to return to normal. Some things have fundamentally changed. Some things are still unusual and will be for a while longer. Some things that initially felt unusual are now feeling better in their different way.

Whatever is going on, life continues, and we all need to look after ourselves. Earlier this year, I started TLC, a community for like-hearted people to come together once a month in a safe space to share what’s going on for them and support each other. It’s a wonderful environment and I look forward to every call we have. Sometimes we talk about a certain common theme. Sometimes we help someone with something they want to talk through. Sometimes we share updates and discuss what our focus is for the next month.

We show up as we are. We share. We listen. We help. We learn.

It’s a privilege to host such a wonderful group and such an amazingly safe space. This message is a thank you from the bottom of my heart to the amazing people who are part of the community, and it’s an opportunity to remind you that if you’d like to join us, you’re very welcome to. Our next call is Wednesday 28th October so if you join before then you’d be very welcome to join us next week.

You can find out more information on the TRUE Leaders Community page, and from there you can join for £49/month which gives you access to the monthly group calls as well as access to self-coaching resources for you to download and use at any time.

I’m aware many people have financial uncertainty at the moment. I’m looking into a “pay what you can model” and in the meantime, please get in touch if you’re interested in joining TLC but the cost is prohibitive at the moment.