What’s giving you energy at the moment?

What’s keeping you going at the moment?

What do you have in your life that’s exciting and you want to keep spending time doing?

Recently I’ve been really enjoying putting the final touches to my TRUE Leaders Programme and it’s given me a boost of energy to keep my momentum going. I’ve hit hurdles but they’ve only been minor things and I’ve enjoyed the challenge. I’ve learnt new skills, discovered new tools and services, and used skills I haven’t needed to use for a long time.

I’ve been working on it at every available moment – and have stayed up late a couple of nights (I’m a night owl and can focus in the early hours). I’ve kept a good balance with other activities in my life – I went to my first gym class this week and that’s a whole other story! So I’ve not just been working, but I have really enjoyed putting energy into it.

The interesting thing is that although I’ve put a lot of time and energy into my work, the result is that I’ve actually gained a lot of energy from it too. So rather than it taking energy away, it’s given me more energy!

What things do you do that you put a lot into that give you more energy?

It could be a specific activity, or spending time alone, or communicating with others.

What could you do to make the most of the energy boost and maximise the opportunities?