Learning to trust the process

The last couple of weeks have been unusual (though there hasn’t been much of a “usual” for a few months now!). Recently though it’s seemed particularly unusual in that some days seem to have flown by in a blur and some seem to have dragged.

I spent a few days away last week (the photo in the header was taken at Fort William last week) and did some exploring and relaxing (and a heck of a lot of driving! 🙈). Again, some of the days seemed to rush past and before I knew it it was bedtime, and other days seemed to have loads of time and space.

Obviously, in reality, time passes at the same speed and we have the same number of hours in each day. But it definitely hasn’t felt like it!

It doesn’t seem to have been related to how much I have had on that day either – some days I’ve been incredibly busy but time seems to have allowed me to get even more done than I’d hoped, and other days it seems to have passed incredibly quickly and I’ve barely managed to get anything done.

So what is the purpose of me sharing this with you?

Partly it’s a way of potentially offering reassurance to anyone else feeling the same, and partly it’s a way of sharing how I’ve been learning to trust the process.

You know how sometimes something seems like a huge thing that almost feels insurmountable? And then suddenly it all comes together and before you know it you’ve successfully achieved whatever it was you hoped to and it was much quicker than you thought?

Accepting that things will happen when the time is right is, for me, trusting the process.

It’s trusting that sometimes the best laid plans don’t work as you expected.

It’s trusting that sometimes things change in a way you never anticipated, and trusting that you will deal with the change.

It’s trusting that if something is important, it will rise to the top of the priority list when it needs to.

It’s trusting that I will always have enough time to manage the things that are important (even if the timescales change).

It’s trusting that the people around me are the right people to help me with whatever I need help with.

It’s trusting that I will be able to offer support to others at the right time for them.

I’m paying much more attention to how I’m feeling on a more regular basis, and trusting the process. It’s meant that sometimes things progress more slowly than I thought, and it’s meant that sometimes things progress more quickly than I thought. Neither of those are good or bad, they just are.

This week I’ve made more progress than I thought I would on my TRUE Leaders Programme. I’m now ready to launch next month and I’ve developed a launch package for those who’d like to join me as soon as it launches which I’m really excited about!

Trusting the process is giving me much more freedom, joy, and fulfilment.

How could you learn to trust the process?

What might you be able to bring more of to your life if you were able to embrace trusting the process?

Trusting the process is one of the areas of focus of my TRUE Leaders Programme – we’ll explore this in more detail as part of the “trust” element of the programme. For more information, check out the TRUE Leaders Programme web page or contact me to arrange a call.