Give yourself a break

This morning I received a timely email from Blurt (as an aside, I highly recommend signing up to their weekly newsletter). This morning the message encouraged me to give myself a break. This is actually a mantra I have adopted on the recommendation of a wise friend who told me once, and reminds me frequently, to give myself a f***ing break. I use this mantra when I feel guilty about something I’ve done (or not done) or to tune into what I really want to do when I’m struggling to make a decision. I’ve used it at conferences and events when I’ve reached full capacity and need to take time out. It helps me make more mindful decisions that are right for the present moment, and because it’s sweary it makes me smile too.

So today, following the advice of this morning’s email, I have given myself a break. I stayed in bed for an hour or so enjoying cuddles with one of our cats. I walked into town and got some new gym clothes so I don’t feel as much pressure to do laundry so frequently. I went to a couple of local supermarkets and got some nice food as a treat for tonight. I stocked up on some essentials and used deals to get some foot moisturiser and am planning to have a pedicure (and maybe manicure) later. I played with my nail polishes. I got some yarn to knit a project with because I’m missing knitting.

I didn’t look at my to-do list once. Yet I still managed to accomplish some errands (not essential but I felt like it), clean the bathroom (because I wanted to rather than had to), and meet my fitness goals (because I did a lot of walking). If I hadn’t done those things though, that would have been OK too. Giving myself a break allows me the freedom to enjoy the day more whilst tuning into the things that I want to do, and living more in the present moment. Sometimes it leads to a very active day, and sometimes it leads to a lazy day – but I feel more satisfied in both cases because I’m so much more in tune with what my body and mind need that day.

So, I encourage you to give yourself a break when you can too. Don’t worry about the things you feel you *should* do. Do the things you *want* to do. Listen to your mind and body, and enjoy yourself ?